Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What Steve is thankful for (and a little picture for you)

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1. Being born.

2. Seeing the Red Sox win the world series in my lifetime. I don't know which is better: Watching my favorite team win it all, or reveling in the satisfaction that imbecilic empty-heads will no longer be able to regurgitate that "curse" crap.

3. Being a former fat person. Overcoming obesity taught me how to be disciplined and focused, and gave me a great feeling of accomplishment.

4. Video games. As a kid, they taught me to think creatively, and gave me an outlet for stress.

5. 80's music. I can read my yearbook, look at my graduation pictures, and watch "The Breakfast Club", but nothing takes me back to my youth quite as much as "Who Can it Be Now", "Pop Muzik," or "Cruel to Be Kind".

6. Ari, Cathy, and TL. You are very special to me. Thanks for making me smile. And think.

7. My neice MacKenzie. Is that a fatherly instinct I feel when I hold her?

8. Lila. It didn't work out, but I will always love her.

9. To think, we used to have to jerk off over grainy magazine photos we found in the woods....and the girls weren't even shaved!!

10. My iPod and car adapter. I will never listen to another radio commercial for as long as I live.

11. Dad, Greg, Chris, Jenny, and the rest of my family. They are more understanding with me than I would be.

12. Stephanie Klein and other brilliant people who display their literary talents online daily. They remind me that writing is not easy, that it takes work, and that there is always someone out there better than me.

13. Anyone who reads this blog and thinks after doing so. Some of you love me; some of you tolerate me; some of you I irritate more than that itch between your shoulder blades that you can't quite reach. But if you reflect for even a moment on what I've written, you've done me a great service, and I really appreciate it.

14. A certain dirty-blonde, 23-year-old, smart, funny, drop-dead sexy, ambitious law student who amazes me with her drive and confidence, and her ability to face tough challenges unflinchingly. You'll no doubt continue to read ambivalence and cynicism from your old pal Steve, but believe me: I would be lucky to wind up with her. VERY lucky.