Thursday, September 15, 2005

"I did it for you, baby"

Friday, June 24th, 2005 (continued)

I decide to go for it. Tim is neatly trimmed down there, which helps with both the hair issue and the smell. With a lesser girl, I might hold out. This time, no way. The sex was too good the first time.

I flatten my tongue and run it over her pussy, bottom to top, then do it again. And again. By the fifth or sixth time, she's starting her "Ah!Ah!Ah!" moan, and I am wishing I could somehow harness her crotch heat, because it feels like it could replace a nuclear reactor.

She doesn't taste bad at all, neutral really, which is a huge victory when it comes to pussy-eating. With each lick she grows wetter, until the entire lower part of my face is hot and slippery.

I slip my index finger inside her and point it upward, as if trying to feel her bellybutton from the inside. I run it along the roof of her vagina as I pull it back, and when it's almost out, I slip a finger from the other hand inside behind it and do the same thing, then follow it with the first finger again. The result, hopefully, is constant stimulation to an extremely sensitive area.

I've never tried it before, and it's awkward as hell, but it seems to be working. Her moaning grows louder. She shifts her legs this way and that, her heels rubbing against my back. My finger slows to an almost complete halt and I slide my wet tongue over her again, pausing to admire the way her tits shift heavily as she writhes from side to side.

I coax her clit gently with my tongue. "Ohhhh, SHIT," she whispers. Her body starts to tense.

I take her clit into my mouth and slowly pull it out. It's hard, like an erect nipple.

"Oh my God, I'm coming!"

It took me completely by surprise.

A hard, jetlike shot of... something squirts out of her, spraying my face. It's over in an instant, and when the shock wears off, I realize that it's in my mouth. I taste it, and almost puke.

It's acrid and bitter, like piss - or at least the way I would expect piss to taste. Instinctively, I spit, and wipe my face on her bedspread.

"Kiss me."

You asked for it, honey.