Monday, May 29, 2006

"Now then... what was next on my things to do list?"

Friday, May 26, 2006

It's hard working when I'm horny.

I cross my legs, and my slacks tighten against my cock, which reflexively stiffens. Some chick holds the receiver too close to her mouth while leaving me a voice mail, and her breathy coos send me to Oz. "Please call me back" might as well be "Please fuck me with your steely pork sword." The reaction is the same.

Being monogamous feels right for me, but it scares me, too. My body doesn't care if Tim is on her period. My balls don't ache less because she's working all weekend. There are certain times when I need to fuck, and it's sometimes hard making that happen.


I call Tim. "Hey," she says.

"Where are you?"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Where are you?"

"I'm on 95, exit 12. What do you need?"


"I'm not far from your office."

"So come over!"


"You know why."

Yearlike moments pass, until finally my phone buzzes. "Steve, Tim is here," Bonnie says. "Should I send her in?"

That depends. How horny does she look?


Tim looks out of place in my office, with her navy blue, Ralph Lauren-logoed dress and black boots that don't quite match. She doesn't care that she clashes, nor do the three 20-something male employees who suddenly have urgent business in the general area outside my door.

"What?" she smiles, dropping her keys on my desk. But it's a silly question.

"Close my door."

As she turns the deadbolt, I go stiff. My ears ring. I wouldn't stop now, couldn't, even if the building were on fire. If a 747 were screaming towards my window, all I would do is try to come faster.

"I hope you don't expect me to get naked, Steve."

I'm already unzipping, pulling my pants down but not off, and she follows my lead, reaching under her short dress and sliding her panties down her thighs.

She straddles my legs, facing me, flipping her hair out of the way.

"Hope you...appreciate this...," she whispers, wiggling into position as her eyes roll back and her voice fades, giving way to the rhythmic squeak of my leather chair. I grow harder inside her, marveling at her tightness, wondering how she got so wet, so quickly.

She grabs the back of my chair and I pull her hips to me as the squeaking grows faster, more urgent. "Uhh," she moans. "Right there."

My phone rings. Let it.

She pulls back, slowly, staring at my face as I watch my wet cock slide out of her. She likes when I look.

I am fully out of her for a moment before she thrusts it hard back into her, kissing the side of my neck, then tickling with her tongue, then biting. I am overcome by all of it, the juicy sound of our sex, the squeaking chair, her hot mouth against my skin. I blast cum inside of her, pulling her tight against me, and the chair stops.

"Feel better now?" she asks.