Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Sunday

Hello all,

I just read some of your comments about my lack of posting and I have to say... you are right. I miss blogging.

This site has helped me learn about myself and grow up. It's also helped develop my writing skills, and it's made me lots of friends. I was in a real groove for a while, writing 4,000 words a week.

But, the better the blog got, the more ambivalent I became. As far as I was concerned, my blog was better than a lot of the crap on the shelves at B & N, yet those writers were published, and getting paid for writing, and I was not. It was like John Mayer playing in his garage, alone, while Jesse McCartney signs million-dollar contracts.

I did have this one idea which would get me posting again, and would help my writing career.

I am hoping to start on my next book soon. It's a fictional story called "Bismarck, North Dakota". Don't worry, it's full of hot sex, voyeurism, and betrayal--all the shit you guys love. I was thinking about posting the story online a chapter at a time, for your reading enjoyment. Your feedback might help the story improve, and I would probably post very frequently as I got rolling.

Anyway, just an idea. Tell me what you think. And thanks for stopping by!