Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cue the crickets

I've started and stopped this post five times so far.

Dad dying, while tragic, and a great source of sorrow for me, was not a total surprise. I attended to all the usual details and went back to work a week later, with only a trace of the malaise that comes with great tragedies. But the post about him shuffling off to the great beyond seemed a good way to end things here, so I never posted again.

Frankly, I was tired of blogging anyway, and had been for a while. I have no idea if I'm back or not; First and foremost, I want to find out if any of you are actually reading this, because there's nothing more pathetic than performing for a non-existent audience.

My daughter is a little over two now, old enough to scold me ("I mad. I mad at Daddy.") and to work a remote control with amazing skill. My marriage hasn't gone nearly as well.

I don't know exactly what happened. Tim barely comes home anymore. I don't know where she goes or what she does when she gets there. I have asked her 100 times if she's using again, and all she does is scream at me. We haven't had sex in a year.

I filed for divorce in October and I'm pushing to get things resolved as fast as I can. I have a life to live and I intend to live it.

I have a new girlfriend now, and I'm very happy. I've lost all my desire to fuck around; all I want now is a girlfriend.

That's it for now. Drop a comment please, so I know you read this!