Sunday, February 05, 2006

Good thing you didn't taste clams....

December 24, 2005
Steve's house

Tim kisses me, quickly, then pulls away, our lips making a little click sound.

Another small kiss, and she pulls back just a bit, so our noses are almost still together.

Another peck, and I am dizzy with my desire to fuck her. "You like little kisses, don't you," she purrs.

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Then I slip in a bigger one every once in a while, and it drives you really crazy," she smiles.

She licks her lips. "You taste like foundation."

"I taste like what?"

"Foundation. You know, makeup?"

"Yeah, I gotta cut down. That shit's fattening!"

"I'm serious. Why do you taste like foundation?"

"I kissed your mother."

"She doesn't wear it. And I'm not wearing any either."

She looks at me, as if just realizing the gravity of what she said.

Oh, shit.

"Tim, I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but I saw Stephanie today-"

Her eyes flare like a pro wrestler's at the mention of Stephanie's name. Tim hates Stephanie, whom I would never reconcile with in a thousand years; Lila, who I marathon-fucked a couple of weeks ago, she's got no problem with. Of course, I neglected to tell her about that.

"Why are you seeing Stephanie?"

"I'm not seeing her, she-"

"Did you see her or not?"



"She came over. Holly was... calling her..."

"Yeah, right. Why would Holly call her?"

"Holly says I would be with her if Steph didn't break my heart. She's crazy, I told you."

"Why did Stephanie come over? How did she know you'd be home on Christmas Eve? Why didn't she just call you?"

"I don't know how she knew I'd be there. She almost missed me, I was just on my way out. I guess she could have called."

"So you're saying this was a total surprise?"

"A total surprise."

"Why were you kissing her?"

"I kissed her cheek. We made amends, kind of."

"That sounds like fun," she snaps.

"I told her all about you."

"She call me a slut?"

"No, she said she's happy for us both."

"Why didn't you tell me? What if I didn't taste her makeup on you? Were you going to tell me?"

"Of course I would have. I wanted to make up with you first!"

She looks away. I'm sure she thinks I'm getting off too easy, but I've answered all her questions innocently enough.

"I don't think I want to talk to you right now."

"Tim, nothing happened!"

"I don't care! Take me home!"


"You weren't going to tell me!"

"Tim, I was!"

"Take me home!"

"No! We just got done saying we wanted to die without each other, and now we're fighting? Over something stupid?"

She answers me with a pout.

"You have nothing to worry about! Do you think I go around writing letters like that to everyone?"

"Did you ever write a letter to Stephanie?"

"Nothing like that."

"You swear?"

"I swear. She was jealous of you, you know."

She looks away again, pausing silently for a long time. Finally, she hugs me. "Never mind. My mother's probably still there, anyway."