Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"Speaking of doggie, did anyone remember the doggie bag?"

Friday, October 21, continued

This restaurant is a pleasant, relaxing place to be. The floors are covered with soft, warm-colored carpets; glass-doored cabinets displaying fancy gold knickknacks or old-looking books adorn most every wall.

But who the hell wants to eat, or enjoy the ambience, when there is a sure-thing threesome planned for later tonight?

Time slows down. The dishes and glasses expand to Alice-in-Wonderland hugeness. It's going to take hours for us to drink, and eat, and meander our way through the endless conversations, while all three of us think of what's going to happen when dinner is over.

No one could be thinking about it more than me. How will we... get started? Who will make the first move? I've never had a threesome before, not a real one anyway, and I'm obsessing over details. I'm not complaining, but it's even more awkward with me not knowing Keisha very well. It's like being a virgin all over again.

I down a glass of wine (the good wine) and order a vodka-tonic. I'm going to force myself to relax and enjoy this dinner if it kills me.

Keisha can't be any more than 21. She's in college, and she works catering jobs for Tim to get "going-out money", as she says.

She's hot for Tim. On two separate occasions, I see her rubbing the top of her foot against Tim's leg, and she touches Tim's hand longingly while saying, "Exactly!" or "I know!"

We get along well, the three of us, and overall it's a very pleasant evening, but the most interesting thing we discuss all night is the wine.

Time passes, grudgingly at first, then more quickly. I look at my watch and it's after 8:00. "Heyyy, how's it going, folks?" Jim says, jauntily, appearing at our table. His pudgy face is coated with sweat, the hair under his white hat plastered to his forehead.

This guy is going to be lucky to live past 35.

"Everything was great, Jim!" I say, gesturing at the tableful of empty plates. And it really was. "I think the prime rib was probably the best I have ever tasted."

I'm glad I forced myself to forget about later; it would have been a shame to waste such great food and atmosphere.

"This one's on me, guys," he says, happily, as if giving us $250 worth of food was the most fun he's had all day. "Anything for my girl Tim." He rubs her back absently.

In your dreams, tubby.

"You're a sweetheart," Tim says, popping out of her seat and kissing his cheek. "Anytime you need catering, you better call me. And your money's no good with me, ever!"

"Absolutely!" he says, smiling, and I actually start to think Jim is an OK guy. He seems to genuinely enjoy our company.

I have three 20's rolled up in my pocket; I rise from my seat and surreptitiously reach for them, holding them out to Jim. "Hey. I really appreciate your hospitality," I say.

He shakes his head no, waving a hand weakly at me. "Just come back and see us again sometime. OK?"

"You got it."


On the way home, I decide that fucking two girls can't be that different than fucking one. I'd treat the two of them just like any girl who was coming over, and I would just let nature take its course.

The two of them pull into the driveway behind me, and we walk in together. "Wow! Nice house!" Keisha says.

"Wanna watch 'Grey's Anatomy'?" Tim says, grabbing the remote. They plop down on the couch, side by side, while I grab drinks.

The show is 3/4 over, and nothing at all has happened. "Let's watch the rest of this later," I hear myself say, as I sit down next to Tim, draping my arm around her shoulders. I'm surprised at my directness.

"Why?" she coos, seductively.

"You know why," I say, kissing her, and right away I am hard.

I glance over and see that Keisha has taken Tim's hand in hers, and she gazes at it lovingly as she turns it this way and that.

"Mmmmm," Tim says, as her tongue slides into my mouth. Her arm rises up a little; I look to my left, and Keisha is rubbing Tim's hand slowly across her boobs. I get even harder as I see Tim's fingers clench softly around Keisha's tit.

"Don't be greedy," Keisha says, her face next to mine. I open my eyes and pull away, and then they are kissing, passionately, their tongues flickering together briefly before disappearing again into one another's mouths.

I like the idea of watching Tim make out with a girl. She looks every bit as hot as I thought she would, and I have the extra added bonus of knowing that I am not threatened in any way by the person she's kissing.

At some point, Keisha has unzippered Tim, and her dress is sagging in the front, exposing her black satin bra. I wish Keisha would get unzippered, I think, then realize that, at this particular moment, I don't have a whole lot else to do. I unzip her.

Her tits are even bigger than they looked. They are ridiculously big, Dolly Parton big. I really want to see what they look like; I unhook her bra and they tumble out, big, heavy and ripe.

"Mmmmm," Keisha says as Tim kneads and squeezes her with her strong hands.

I walk to the other side of the couch to unhook Tim. Keisha has already done it. Tim's breasts pop out, big and firm in their own right, but compared to Keisha, Tim looks like she should be in a training bra.

"Kiss her," Tim says, sliding back in her seat, wiping her mouth. I do.

Keisha is a good kisser; her lips are thick and wet, and she's not overly aggressive with her tongue. I grope for her breasts, my eyes closed. Why open my eyes? It would be tough to miss those things!

"Come on," Tim says, walking to the bedroom. She stops next to the bed, shaking her dress down to the floor, then slipping her panties off. My belt isn't even off when Keisha walks around me, stark naked, kissing Tim again, pulling her slowly to the bed on top of her.

"You are so beautiful," I hear Keisha say.

Yep, major hottie all right. Kinda makes you wish you had a dick, doesn't she?

Like I said, Keisha is no one I'd usually be interested in, but it's getting me off watching her grind her pussy against Tim's firm thigh. "Ughhhhh," she says, and it suddenly seems she's close to coming.

"I wanna see you suck his cock," Tim says. Another good move. Keisha was starting to forget there was someone else in the room. And it's so much hotter when I'm not asking.

I lay down and watch as Keisha slowly lowers her head down onto my shaft. She doesn't go terribly far down, maybe two inches or so, but the warmth of her cheeks and tongue, the way she closes her lips tightly around me, makes me insane. Her thumb strokes me slowly up and down, and I have all I can do not to come.

"Don't be greedy," Tim says, smiling, and now I am in her mouth, and looking deeply into her eyes as she devours my trembling cock.

Keisha pulls Tim's knees apart and dives into Tim's pussy, licking and sucking. "Pretty little pussy," she whispers, almost inaudibly.

Tim sits up. "I want to watch you fuck him," she says, not looking down at Keisha.

My heart races as I slide a condom on. Keisha rolls onto her back and opens her legs to me, and as I enter her I am struck by the stark contrast between her very dark complexion and my very fair one.

She is wet. I slip slowly, easily into her, then pull slowly back, almost all the way, then slowly back in again. The long, slow strokes grow faster until I can hear the slapping of our flesh together, and I very nearly blow my load when I look over and see tim cupping her breast with one hand and fingering herself with the other.

"Gimme that dick!" Keisha says. It's the loudest I've heard her speak all night. "GIMME that dick! GIMME that dick! GIMME that dick!" she shouts, in perfect rhythm with our fucking, her huge tits flopping and bouncing. Her pussy is amazing, perfectly hot and juicy. If I don't stop fucking right now, I'm going to come.

I pull out of her. "You gonna turn over for me?" I ask, and she does. I enter her from behind and grab her buxom ass in my hands. It's not fat, but much wider than I am used to. Honestly, I don't dislike watching it jiggle and shake as my hips slam up against it.

"I'm next," Tim says, grabbing my cock and pulling it out from between Keisha's legs. She pulls me on top of her, and then we are fucking and kissing, our hot breath covering each other's faces.

Tim rolls over on top of me, and Keisha is on her instantly, sucking her tits, licking her hard nipples. Minutes pass.

Tim stops abruptly, then starts again, then stops. "Ugggghhhhhhhh," she moans, her eyes gently closed.

I think about going back for seconds with Keisha, but the prospect of holding back any longer is too much for me. I push Tim back down on the bed and watch as I slip fully in and out of her, then pull off the condom and explode in orgasm, rubbing myself slowly as I blast her with cum.

We collapse on the bed, the three of us. "You guys are craaa-zy," Keisha says, finally.