Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Monday, October 3, 2005 11:05am
Steve's office

My phone rings. "Watch that be Lila," I say.

I was thinking about her an hour ago. I haven't spoken to her in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering how she's been doing. We don't keep in touch that often since she's gotten out of rehab; she's a lot less of a psycho since she got off drugs.

"This is Steve."

"Hi, Steve, it's Lila."

"Hey! I was just thinking about you!"

"How are you?"

"Great, you?"

"OK." Her voice sounds heavy.

"Just ok?"

"Do you have a minute? I need to talk to someone."

"Sure, Lila."

She sighs. "Remember Mark? The orthodontist I was working for?"

"Yeah. You're his office manager, right?"



"I started... we started dating, and he got weird."

"You started dating him?"


"Oh, man!"

"What? I dated you!"

"Yeah, and it ended badly."


"What do you mean, he got weird?"

Another sigh. "He started making me... discipline him. Like, he wanted me to yell at him and punish him like a little kid."

"What do you mean, punish him?"

"Just, like, yell at him for being bad, make him stand in the corner, spank him, send him to his room. Then he would sit there and pout just like a little boy."

"And you did it?"

"It was kinda cool for a little while. Then it just got too weird. So, I tried to break up with him."

"Why did he want you to do all that weird shit?"

"It got him off."

"So he would do all that little kid stuff, and then he would want to-"

"He'd come back in and say, 'I'm really sorry, will you forgive me?' "

"And then he would want to get busy?"

"He wanted to cuddle first."

I actually find myself getting hard, remembering what it felt like to have her big tits pressed up against my chest.

"So what did he do when you broke up with him?"

"First he got really pouty, didn't say anything at all. So I said, 'Ok, I'm just gonna go.' And he hit me."

"He HIT you?"

"He punched me in the face."

"You're shitting me!"


"I hope you called the cops!"

"Wait! So, I just went home, and the next day I got this huge black eye. And then Trey came over-"

"I thought he was in jail."

"He was found guilty but he's appealing and they let him out while it's going through."


"So he came over to get high, but I am on the wagon so I didn't have anything. But then he saw my eye, and he freaked. I've never seen him mad, I swear, but he was so pissed."

"What did he do?"

"I told him what Mark did, and he ran out to his car and took off. I was yelling at him to come back but he didn't listen."

"Then what?"

"So he drove to Mark's office and he rammed his car."

"What do you mean, rammed?"

"I mean he backed right into the passenger-side door, totally smashed it."

"What kind of car?"

"Brand-new Audi."

"Oh, no."

"Someone got Trey's license plate number as he was taking off, so the cops came and got him."

"So he's back in jail?"

"Yep, one to three years. Plus whatever he gets for this."

"So I assume the cops asked him why he did it. And I suppose he told them."


"And I suppose they came and questioned you."


"And did you tell them everything?"

"Yes. They asked me to cooperate in the investigation and I said yes."

"I'm so proud of you, Lila!"

"I just don't know if I can do it."

"You have to! There are young kids going to that orthodontist! He needs to be shut down!"

"He will be. He told me if I do this, he's going to lose everything. He made me feel very guilty."

"He contacted you?!"

"Yes. I told him to go to hell. But he apologized and he told me he would go to therapy if I didn't press charges, or whatever. So now I don't know."

"Screw him. So he goes to therapy, and it takes him a year or so to get better, and in the meantime he is still seeing a couple dozen kids a day. Plus, he shouldn't even be contacting you! You're the victim!"

"I know, I know. The judge told him not to contact me or come near me, but that was after he called."

"Well, I think you should do it. Just tell them what happened, and let the courts decide what to do."

"But what about me? I went to rehab for drugs and I got better! What if they just threw me in jail instead?"

"Then all the lesbian inmates would have been fighting over you."


"Lila. Doing drugs is a victimless crime. Hitting people is not. If you think he needs therapy instead of jail or probation then you can tell the judge."

"But he'll lose everything! He'll lose his business!"

"He should have thought of that before. He brought this on himself. Maybe losing his business is just the kick in the ass he needs to get right."

"I'll think about it."

"Hey! That reminds me."


"What are you doing for work now?"


"Well in that case, I have an idea..."