Monday, March 14, 2005


Thursday, March 3, 11:45pm
IM'ing with Cathy

Cathy: what happened

Steve: i confessed that i kissed another girl

Steve: she got very pissed off, told me to get the hell out

Cathy: uh huh

Steve: i said listen to me cause i am gonna say this one time

Steve: i am really, really sorry

Steve: and she said, just get out i will call you tomorrow

Steve: Well I am sure you are busy

Steve: and i am fucking loaded

Cathy: youre drunk?

Steve: tru dat

Steve: i like to refer to it as "inebriated"

Cathy: why?

Steve: because i am fucking depressed bruski

Steve: i fucked up and she is going to dump me

Steve: so whatever - i will go back to fucking bimbos that i
meet in bars

Steve: I will fuck them good and hard and then blog about it and teenage boys around the world will whack off in front of their monitors

Cathy: NO

Steve: why? Obviously i cannot handle a grown up relationship

Cathy: :-/

Steve: this sux

Cathy: i know it

Steve: whatever - if she is gonna be a fucking bitch

Steve: i am not gonna beg her

Steve: NFW

Steve: i'd rather be alone

Steve: all i did was kiss her now she is gonna make a federal
fucking case out of it

Steve: i'm serious, i'm not even sweating her anymore

Steve: fuck it

Cathy: are you kidding me?!

Steve: NO

Steve: if she calls she calls

Steve: i'm not gonna fucking chase her like a little candy ass

Cathy: you cheated on her

Cathy: she has a right to be pissed off

Cathy: am I wrong?

Steve: fine so she can be pissed off

Steve: she can tell me 1,000 times what a fuckup i am, how
disappointed she is in me

Steve: then everyone who reads my blog will tell me how
disappointed they are, and everyone will be soooo fucking
disappointed in steve

Steve: so fuck everyone, how's that

Steve: if i'm such a fuckup, leave me alone

: :-/

Cathy: ok..

Steve: i'm just sayin ;)

Cathy: :-(

Steve: she just makes me mad sometimes

Cathy: well you shouldnt cheat on her steve

Mar 4, 2005 - 12:33am

Cathy: hi

Steve: hey

Cathy: have you cooled off now

Steve: a little

Cathy: dont let people get you down

Cathy: but i dont want to hear you tell me youre going back to
fucking dumb sluts

Cathy: you should see me as a product of getting fucked over,
this is what happens when you do this shit to people

Cathy: thats why i dont understand how you can still do it,
you know?

Cathy: thats what confuses me

Steve: i kissed some other girl

Steve: and ran away like a candyass because i felt guilty

Steve: so obviously i am learning

Steve: because 5 months ago i would have fucked her silly and
not even thought about it

Cathy: i know, we've been talking for a long time now and i've
noticed a change in you

Steve: you see i am telling her what i did

Steve: honestly how many guys are out there confessing to
that petty bullshit

Cathy: you are a good guy

Cathy: i think you just have to find the right girl

Cathy: and maybe you just havent found her yet

Steve: why have i not found the right girl

Steve: just because i kissed someone else

Steve: i was perfectly happy

Steve: i just let it go too far

Cathy: when you find the right girl, you wont have urges to do
things with other girls

Steve: seriously bruski i don't think you understand

Cathy: i guess I dont

Cathy: :-/

Cathy: so help me

Steve: who is a guy you really like

Steve: brad pitt?

Cathy: lol

Cathy: sure brad pitt

Steve: so you think he is very hot

Cathy: sure

Steve: even if you are with another guy you like him

Cathy: hes a celebrity

Cathy: i dont like him

Steve: so if he was standing right in front of you and you
were smelling his cologne and seeing his blue eyes and hard pecs
you'd be crushing on him

Cathy: i just think hes hot

Steve: and you'd be wondering how far he would go

Steve: wanting to find out what it would be like, being curious

Cathy: if im with someone, I dont have urges to be with
someone else

Steve: i didn't have an urge

Steve: it was like curiosity

Steve: wanting to see what she was going to do

Steve: what was going to happen

Steve: like i was watching a tv show

Steve: and being flattered that she wanted me so much

Cathy: but then you have to think about steph whos in it for
the long run

Steve: i am too!

Cathy: not this tim girl whos just lookin for some excitement

Steve: i know

Steve: i ain't looking to hook up with her

Steve: dating wise

Cathy: thats not the point

Steve: the point is, i was supposed to stay away from tim

Cathy: and you didnt

Steve: and not go there

Steve: but now it's too late

Steve: because steph will never forgive me and i won't have
another chance

Cathy: didnt you think about that before you did all this?

Steve: did all what?

Cathy: there are consequences to all your actions

Steve: kissed her for 5 seconds?

Cathy: its still cheating

Steve: i know i know

Cathy: I dont know what to say stevie

Steve: i don't either

Steve: cause if that is the case i should have fucked her
brains out

Cathy: not the attitude to have

Steve: if i was gonna be punished anyway

Cathy: steph has right to be mad

Steve: what the hell is the diff

Cathy: how would you feel if she kissed other guys

Steve: i dunno

Cathy: it wouldnt feel good

Steve: i know

Steve: but i would want her to tell me just like i told her

Cathy: put yourself in her shoes

Steve: i did not have to tell her

Steve: and i said that

Cathy: then you would have been dishonest

Cathy: youre making it seem like it was an honor that you
actually even told her about it

Steve: mmmm

Steve: i know

Steve: sigh

Cathy: i shouldnt be lecturing you

Steve: no you shouldn't

Steve: i was just gonna ream you out for that

Cathy: what?

Steve: for lecturing

Cathy: oh

Steve: well i think i am learning my lessons and i think i
can be a really great bf

Steve: i hope she gives me another chance because i love her
very much

Cathy: tell her that

Steve: but if she does not i might just turn into george clooney

Cathy: please dont do that!

Steve: why not? he seems happy

Steve: oh man i was being mean to you

Steve: holy shit

Cathy: when?

Steve: i was going off

Cathy: its ok

Steve: look at this

Steve: then everyone who reads my blog will tell me how disappointed they are, and everyone will be soooo fucking disappointed in steve Steve: so fuck everyone, how's that
Steve: if i'm such a fuckup, leave me alone

Steve: god damn man

Cathy: its ok!

Cathy: you were venting

Cathy: you've had a tough week

Steve: damn man

Steve: i know i was wrong, but i just get very angry because
i feel like i have made progress and that does not count for
anything at all

Cathy: you have made progress

Cathy: im so proud of you

Steve: but it's almost like, you are just an asshole steve

Steve: and that's that

Steve: thank you for saying that *sniff*

Steve: you are so sweet

Cathy: seriously steve if I didnt care about you I wouldnt waste my time talking to you

Cathy: i love talking to you

Cathy: i look forward to it everyday

Steve: me too

Cathy: if I thought you were an asshole I wouldnt lecture you

Steve: i am sorry i was mean before, i was pretty nasty

Cathy: its ok

Cathy: you have a right to be mad

Steve: i just go off

Steve: i am not used to this shit

Cathy: i know

Steve: maybe i will just chill out and not worry

Cathy: she needs time to think about things

Cathy: you'd want time if you were her too

Steve: i know

Cathy: and i think you need to stop drinking and get some sleep

Steve: can't sleep

Steve: i'll tell you what she says

Steve: if she calls

Cathy: ok :)

Cathy: I would say call me but im an ass and lost my cell

Steve: s'ok

Cathy: alright cutie

Cathy: im off to bed

Steve: smooches

Cathy: hugs