Wednesday, June 15, 2005

41 bottles of beer pieces of ass on the wall...

Saturday, June 11, 12:30am
Tim's house

We drain our glasses, and we are staring at each other. She looks my face up and down with her big, round, denim-blue eyes. Her skin is creamy and flawless, her teeth a brilliant, sparkling white. Blonde hair tumbles down well past her shoulders, partially covering the "C26" on her t-shirt.

The room falls silent, save for the ticking clock on the wall and the low hum of her refrigerator.

"You were thinking about me all day, weren't you," she whispers. She's a foot and a half away from me, and I can barely hear her. "You were thinking about my lips."

"Um, yeah. Those too."

She chuckles softly, then closes her eyes and opens them, slowly. "You were, weren't you?" she says with a little smile.

"Mm-hmm. Yeah, I was. And you were thinking about me too, weren't you? After I called you?"

"Mmm, I don't remember," she says with a sly smile.

"Uh huh," I say.

She leans in as if to kiss me, then stops. I close my eyes and press my lips to hers. I get even stiffer as our lips meet; I am painfully, agonizingly hard, aching to be inside her.

Her lips are soft and inviting; this is not an urgent kiss, like last time: It's a slow, languid, beautiful kiss, a lovers' kiss.

"Why are we in the kitchen?" Tim says, pulling away from me.

"Good question."

I follow her through the living room and into the bedroom. Glancing quickly around, I can immediately tell that she is either rich, or is getting money from someone who is. There are fancy knick-knacks and expensive furniture everywhere.

She pushes her bedroom door part of the way closed; I have no idea why. She turns and kisses me, more urgently now, and the moist, hot sound of our lips is amplified against the black silence in the room.

"You want me, don't you?"

"Yeah," I breathe.

"What do you want to do to me? Tell me!"

"I wanna fuck your brains out, Tim."


"I want to suck your tits, and then I wanna shove my hard cock into you."

"MMMMMMM!" she says, kissing me again.

"You gonna let me suck your cock first?"

Clothes come off with desperate speed. Her tits are magnificent, full and ripe, with small, tight, dark nipples. I grab one, softly, gently, and feel it's heavy heft in my hand.

Her bellybutton is pierced with a tiny chain; her stomach is flat and smooth.

I sit on her bed, my cock ramrod stiff. She kneels on the floor, staring up at me. She moves in slowly, taking my entire scrotum into her mouth, then releases it gently, and runs her tongue up the bottom of my shaft. She takes the head into her mouth, briefly, coating it with warm spit, then runs her tongue back down the top side, a part of the penis that many women forget.

I feel the pressure build, the heat, the low rumble of pleasure as she wraps her lips around it, bobbing her head silently up and down. I need her pussy so fucking bad that I can't stand it.

I push her gently away and she knows it's time. She lowers her jeans and her little white panties. Her bush is neatly trimmed, a flawless triangle.

My stomach rises and falls as I rummage my pockets for a condom and put it on. My heart races. I stand over her; she's half-laying down, half sitting, her shoulder blades against the headboard.

I feel the intense head rush of penetrating someone new for the very first time as I enter her. Her pussy is tight and smooth, much tighter than I would have expected, with as much as she's been around.

Tim has a very girly, high pitched, Ah! Ah! Ah! moan; it's so incredibly sexy that the first time I hear it, I almost blow my load.

I like this angle very much; I can really get a lot of leverage as I pound away at her. I look down and see my dick going in and out, and it's all I can do to keep from coming.

I pull out of her and tug on her hip so that she flips over. Her ass is every bit as gorgeous as it looks through her jeans; round and plump, like a piece of fruit you want to take a bite out of. I love the way her thin waist gives way to the curves of her hips and butt, and how her labia open to me as she lifts her ass in the air. "Squeeze my tits," she says, and I lean over and grab them as the fucking intensifies.

Then she pulls away and mounts me, her hips sliding front to back, slowly at first, her shapely thighs gripping tightly against my body, her beautiful breasts heaving up and down. She builds up speed, slowly, all the while moaning her Ah-Ah-Ah moan.

Suddenly it occurs to me that the bed is creaking and groaning in time with her thrusts, and she's grabbed my hands, her fingers interlocked with mine, her nails piercing my flesh. I am so dizzy with pleasure I can barely think.

She slows down a bit, and I sit up, our faces almost touching. It's hard fucking this way, but I like it. I want to blow a load on her, but there's no way I can stop long enough to pull out and remove the condom.

I start to come, but instead of a gush, I feel a trickle, and I know right away this is a double orgasm.

I push her down onto the bed and fuck her with long, slow strokes, until the climax overtakes me and I can actually feel the condom filling up, and my body trembling uncontrollably as I come.

We lie there in silence for a long time, staring at each other.

It's no wonder Dom is having such a hard time letting her go.



I must have dozed off. I'm still in Tim's bed; we're both still naked.

I stand up and pull my boxers on.

"Where ya goin'?" she says, in a froggy, middle-of-the-night voice.

"I gotta get up early tomorrow."

She props herself up on her elbow, her blonde hair cascading down over her arm. "Thank you for the champagne, honey. You're so sweet!"


"Call me during the week, ok?"


I leave, knowing that whatever shit I get from Dom will be worth it.