Friday, June 03, 2005

What, no Evian cum-rinse?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
On the balcony

"I never get tired of this view," Steph says.

I walk up behind her without a word, pressing my naked body against the softness of her bathrobe. I grab a handful of tericloth and lift, exposing her flawless ass.

Probably not a good idea to be au natural on the balcony, I think, but I run my cock across her butt cheeks just the same, left to right across them, up, along her ass-crack, in between her legs and back out again.

I reach around to the front of her robe and pull it untied, sliding my hand down, over her pussy. Slowly.

I press my cock between her legs again, far enough that I can actually feel the head from the front.

My hands wander to her breasts, cupping them gently, and my lips brush wetly against her neck. Now I am between her legs again; I take the head in my hand and press it up against her labia. She's already dried off from the shower, but her pussy is slick and juicy.

I pull her robe down; now we are both naked as the day we were born. The balconies here are fairly private, but we're not invisible, either.

I sit down in a lounge chair, pulling her into my lap. "Wait," she says.

She stands up and turns to face me, swinging a leg across my body and sitting gently back down. We grind our hips together in rhythm, but there is no penetration. Yet.

She drapes a hand over my shoulder and begins to thrust more urgently, her tits bouncing subtlely each time she pulls her hips back.

Our breathing becomes louder, more intense. I look up at her; she is staring at me, her mouth hanging open just a little.

The grinding gets harder. Her bare feet are planted on the floor, her toes splayed; the chair creaks and groans under our movement.

She lifts her hips just slightly, and thrusts again, and I am inside her. Now the other hand is draped around me, and I watch mutely as her pussy swallows my cock, then slowly releases it again, her half-wet hair wagging forward and back across her shoulders.

I reach around and grab her ass with both hands, sinking my fingers into her soft globes of flesh, pulling them apart, then back together. Her legs straighten as she rides me, so that she's almost standing upright.

She is close to coming now, and I close my eyes, focusing only on the smack, smack, smack of her thighs hitting mine.

"mmmMMMMMM!" she moans, biting her lip. She's trying to keep it quiet.

I lick her nipple gently, then take it into my mouth. There is something about having a tit in my mouth that drives me absolutely wild. I grab her butt harder as the orgasm takes hold, and I blast her insides with cum. I love the wet, gooey feeling of fucking after I've blown a load.


Saturday, May 21, 2005
Kahului Airport

I'm filled with dread as I return the car and approach the terminal, suitcase handle in hand. This quiet, relaxing, idyllic, picturesque vacation is coming to an end. I'll step onto an airplane in Paradise, and by the time I step off again, I'll be in a Purgatory of ringing phones, nasty e-mails, screaming employees, and gloomy, overcast weather. But such is life. I am thankful to have had such a great trip. I need to call Dan Johnson and thank him.

"Will you come stay with me for a couple of days while I start my internship?" Steph says on the plane before nodding off to sleep.

"OK, but I'm gonna have to work while I'm there."

Next: I hire Vanilla Ice.