Tuesday, August 03, 2004

McSteverino's™: 36 37 Hotties Served!

It's Friday, July 30.

Funny thing about working on big projects at the office: Your regular work doesn't go away. I have been crazy all week, trying to get caught up. Today I'm a bit tired and run down, but I know there is a big night ahead with Taylor and Kelly, so I'm trying to conserve energy.

I get to Kelly's around 6:30. I am wearing a new pair of tan slacks, a black polo shirt and gold chain (I can't help it; I'm Italian), and way too much Obsession cologne. I like my scent to precede me.

"Wu-huuuu!" Kelly says, opening the door. "Look at yoooou!" She hugs me too tightly and kisses me sloppily on the mouth, or, more accurately, in the general mouth area. I can feel the slick waxiness of her lipstick around my lips. And I smell wine on her breath.

Kelly is wearing bell-bottom jeans and a short-sleeved, white cotton top. The sleeves are pulled down, exposing her shoulders.

"Are you FINALLY all caught up at work now," she says, putting her arm around my waist. She bumps her hips against mine and kisses my ear.

"You guys make such a cute couple," Taylor says wistfully, without a trace of a smile.

Taylor is about ten pounds away from being anorexic. She is probably 5'10", and 120 pounds, max. She is pretty flat-chested (I'm guessing she's an "A" cup), and has a tiny, muscular ass. She's wearing a pink stretchy mini-dress and heels to match. Her hair is cut in a shoulder-length bob, and it's lighter than I remember. I think she colored it.

"So what're we doing for dinner," I say.

"I made reservations at Tiger Lily," Kelly says.

Shit. A sushi place. After last week's anchovie (or whatever it was) debacle, I'm not in a hurry to partake of maritime cuisine anytime soon.

"Ugh!" I say. "Why don't we go to a regular Chinese place, like The Monkey's Paw? They have sushi!"

"Hun." Kelly says, matter-of-factly. "Sushi from a non-sushi place is gross. It's usually REALLY bad. And besides, at this hour, we'll never get a table at Monkey's Paw."

"I am REALLY not feelin' the whole sushi thing tonight, Kel," I say. "If you had told me earlier where we were going, I would've told you that."

"Pleeeeease don't be difficult Steve!" Kelly says, pouting. "I've been dying for sushi all week long!" Her lower lip is sticking out by the mile.

"I think we need a tiebreaker," I say. "Taylor?"

"Sushi," she says.

How did I know she was going to say that?

Tiger Lily is a gorgeous restaurant, very exclusive. It's dimly lit, with booths of overstuffed black leather, and the staff is very attentive, to the point of being pesky.

A uniformed maitre'd greets Kelly by name and shows us to our table ("Just three of you?", he says.) Less than two minutes later, our waiter arrives with a big, toothy, "Hello!"

"My boyfriend is allergic to fish," Kelly says, rubbing my forearm. "Is there something you can do for him?"

The man looks up at the meticulously-stuccoed ceiling, apparently deep in thought. "Yeah, yep! Yeah..." he says, in a thick Asian accent. He looks at me and nods. "I help you....I help you."

Kelly and Taylor order, and the waiter leaves. Kelly puts her arm around me and kisses my cheek. "You see? Did I take care of you or not, babe?"

"I never had a doubt," I say.

The sushi looks good. But my dish was incredible: Steamed veggies over rice, with some kind of garlic sauce. If I ever go back there, I'm ordering it again.

After dinner, we go to a local club called The Rat. Taylor and Kelly drag me onto the dance floor, but I am strictly an accessory. They are a real sight, grinding and rubbing against each other. The dance floor is totally packed, so they aren't making a big scene, but a few people are staring. Mostly guys.

There's nothing quite as embarrassing as dancing with two people who aren't dancing with you: Basically, I'm floating aimlessly across the floor like a tumbleweed, to the strains of techno house music.

I sheepishly slink off the dance floor and wait for them by the bar. They finally leave the floor, and they are hot and sweaty. They each have a cosmopolitan, and slowly catch their breath.

"All ready, big guy?" Kelly says. We head back to her place.

Well, here we are: The reason I put up with all the boring bullshit. Is Steve about to have his first (legit) threesome?

I sit in Kelly's family room, watching TV. There's a (fake) fire burning in her gas-logged fireplace. The gas log has been on every time I've been here. The house is just as neat as mine, and is decorated better. It looks like something out of a magazine.

The two of them are in Kelly's bedroom. I mute the TV, and I can hear their voices, but can't make out what they are saying. At one point, I think I hear the word "decision". They don't sound like they are fighting; just discussing.

The door opens. "Steve!" Kelly says.

I walk to the bedroom, and by the time I get there, the door is closed again. I open it.

Kelly and Taylor are sitting up in bed. Kelly is wearing a pink (of course) baby-doll nightie, and Taylor has a "Monkey Business" pajama top on. They are both under the covers. With the way they are dressed, it's gonna be Kelly tonight. And NOT Taylor. Damn.

"Close the door," Kelly says.

There is not a crack of light anywhere. There must be curtains in here, I think. Curtains are the only things that can make a room THIS dark.

"Get in bed," Kelly says. Her voice seems eerily disconnected from her body in the darkness. It's behind me, in front of me, next to me, and nowhere, all at the same time.

I strip down to my boxers and climb into the bed on Kelly's side. "Between us," she says, invitingly. I crawl over Kelly and onto the middle of the bed.

I brush up against Taylor. She's just put on some kind of sweet-smelling perfume or body spray; she definitely didn't smell this way at dinner. Maybe I was wrong about not doing Taylor tonight! She would not have put perfume on this late at night if she didn't want to fool around.

I feel a hand on my knee. It's from my right. Taylor.

Now the hand is on my chest, on my chin, on my cheek. She is trying to figure out where my face is-

She kisses me. The kiss is stiff, forced. She is nervous. She rams a hand down my shorts and grabs my cock. I am already stiff, and have been since we got here.

This chick is acting like she's never done it before. Maybe Kelly told her she wants a threesome and Taylor is nervous...

"Wait," I say. I feel my way to her mouth, and press my forefinger against her chin, just below her lower lip, so that her mouth drops open to proper kissing width. "Relax." I place my lips over hers. She tongues me. She is a little less rigid now, but still seems nervous.

She pulls my boxers down, and furiously rubs my dick. She is squeezing too tight, and rubbing too hard. I put my hand over hers, and move it slowly, gently, up and down. She catches on quickly.

"Yeahhhh...." I moan.

The bed rises slightly. Taylor is getting up. I hear clothing being removed. This is really going to happen! Now I am lightheaded, dizzy with desire.

I get up and roll off the bed, to Kelly's side, stumbling a bit over her on the way. I pick up my pants and shove my hands into the pockets until I find my condom. I always carry at least one at all times. I don't put it on yet, because I'm not sure if Taylor (or Kelly, for that matter) is going for oral today, and I definitely don't want a jimmy on for that.

I get back on the bed, and as I lay down, there is a hand under me. It's Taylor. She pulls her hand out and grabs my right hand in hers. Suddenly, I feel her lips on my chest, my nipple, my stomach. She is rubbing me now, slower, more gently. She's like an old pro!

I turn over. I move to kiss her, and aim too high (I feel hair). I move down a bit (forehead). A bit more (nose). She laughs. Then I kiss her mouth. Now we are both laughing.

"What are you two laughing at," Kelly says. I can hear the smile in her voice. She knows EXACTLY what's happening. It was probably her idea.

I kiss down her invisible body in the dark, her warm, naked breasts, her taut stomach, her steaming pussy.

I lick her. "Ohhh," she says.

My face is an inch away from her flesh, yet I can't see anything at all. I lick her slowly, bottom to top, and I feel her growing wetter by the second.

I slip my tongue inside her. She feels tight. Virgin tight. But she can't be a virgin, can she? Rob said he had been with her for 8 or 9 months, and Rob would NEVER stay with a girl he wasn't sleeping with. Never. Plus, Taylor is at least 23 or so...awfully old for a virgin.

I pull my tongue out and smear her juices all over her. Virgin or not, she is running extremely hot right now. She's not getting any wetter than this!

Ever try putting on a condom in the dark? What a fucking pain. It takes me forever, and I am just about ready to put the closet light on when I finally get it. Good. I didn't want to have to pierce this perfect darkness, even for a second.

I'm pretty sure Kelly moved around to the other side of the bed, next to Taylor. It's strange how Kelly is so completely silent, almost like she's not even in the room.

I feel around the bed. Taylor is laying down. I pull her long, thin legs apart. She is panting, terrified, aroused.

I grope into the black abyss until I find her slick, wet opening. I put my cock inside her, and get no further than an inch or two. It's like trying to fuck a thimble. It almost feels like giving a girl anal for the first time. In fact, it's much like anal that I feel around again to make sure I'm in the right place. Yep.

I treat it pretty much like anal. I pull my head almost all the way out, then slowly back in, then out again. But each time I try to penetrate farther, it's like hitting a stone wall.

I work on her for what seems like forever, sliding my head gently in and out of her, and I've basically made no progress. She is the TIGHTEST non-virgin I've ever been with. If she's a non-virgin at all. And even if she's not, there is NO way this girl has sex on a regular basis.

It suddenly occurs to me that Kelly could help me out here. "Kel," I say. "Gimme your hand."

I wave around in the sea of blackness until our hands hit each other. I put it down just below Taylor's navel. "She's really tight," I say.

"I know. One minute," she says, and pulls her hand away.

There is a bit of give, and suddenly, I'm an inch deeper. She is starting to open up.

Without warning, I feel cold gooiness on my shaft, my stomach, everywhere. Kelly is squrting lube all around. What a friggin' mess.

As I thrust away at Taylor, the cold goo turns warm. And there is a vague smell of cinnamon in the air. Must be one of those edible lubes, I think. Some of them heat up when you rub or blow on them.

It turns out we probably didn't need it. Taylor's pussy gives way again, yawning open, devouring my cock voraciously. I pull back, and slide my shaft fully into her again. Within 10 seconds, we are fucking urgently, desperately.

"Aaaaaaaaah," moans Taylor. It's basically the first sound she's made. I can smell our sex, a hot, musky smell, rising up to me in waves.

I feel Kelly's hands on my shoulders. She pushes me to an upright position, on my knees. For several long seconds, nothing.

Uh, Kel? Bad, bad timing, babe!

Then I hear the sound of lips and tongues smacking. It's either kissing, or licking.

I reach down with my hand, and feel the back of Kelly's head.

It's licking.

Can Kelly make Taylor come by eating her? Honestly, I was just assuming that Taylor wasn't going to orgasm. Tight girls usually don't.

I can feel Kelly's long hair all around my cock as I fuck Taylor again, gliding in and out of her, slower now.

"Stop, stop!" Taylor says. She's probably overstimulated with all the licking. I keep pumping her and wait for Kelly to move out of the way. She is hindering me a bit, now that I think of it.

"STEVE! Stop for a minute!" Taylor says.

Oops! She was talking to me! I stop with my entire shaft inside her. Don't wanna take the chance of her tightening up.

Kelly is really working on Taylor now, from the sounds of it. The licking and smacking is getting louder. And Taylor is about to come.

She is so snug around my cock that I can feel every twitch, every contraction of her muscles as the orgasm engulfs her.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!" Taylor is really in the throes of it now. She almost sounds like a woman in labor.

A big, empty silence fills the room as Taylor descends from Pleasure Plateau. "You see?" Kelly whispers. Her disembodied voice is coming from several feet in front of, and below, me, right about where Taylor's head must be. She's whispering into Taylor's ear.

"I told you," she says. "I told you he could do it."

Taylor is whimpering. I pull out.

Hey, if you think it hurts now, honey, wait until you get up and walk around a bit in the morning. If you can, that is...

I am in desperate need of being finished off.

"It's ok, it's ok," Kelly is whispering.

Listen, ladies. I hate to ruin this idyllic bonding moment, but about 90% of my blood supply now happens to be in my cock. A little help, please?


"I know, I know," she says. She grabs me by the unit, pulls my condom off, and guides me in between Taylor's legs, rubbing my tool against her stomach.

"Jerk him off. Make him come," Kelly says. Taylor does as she is told.

Speaking of sore, I am dying. Fucking a tight girl can be painful for the guy too, especially when you do it for such a long time. And the penis tends to swell just a bit before orgasm, so I've got the whole pleasure/pain thing going on as I blast hot lava into the ethereal void.

For those of you who are still reading, THANK YOU! This is probably my longest post ever, so I appreciate you sticking around until the end....