Friday, August 20, 2004

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

"You are a typical male!" says Lila, smiling. It's Saturday at 3:00pm. So far today, she's done a load of laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, and washed the kitchen floor. She's actually EARNING her money this time!

"How so?" I ask.

"You did all this work on the house, and it's beautiful, and then you don't even put any curtains on the dining room windows!"

"I never use that room!"

"Do you know how nice that room would look with curtains?"

"OK, let's go look around."

So we head out and visit a curtain store downtown. I let her pick out the curtains, the floor-length, dark green, $400, beautiful curtains.

OK, have I just unwittingly experienced some important dating rite of passage?

"The color is really dramatic," the saleswoman says as she checks us out.

Dramatic? No, Schindler's List is dramatic. Super Bowl 36 was dramatic. These curtains are just....pleasing to the eye. And for $400, they ought to be.

We go home and hang them. Ever try threading curtains through a curtain rod? Imagine fucking a virgin. Without the pleasure. But we finally get them hung and they are just gorgeous. We bought those brackets that hold the curtains open, and the effect is very......dramatic! He he he....

"Come on," I say, and lead Lila outside by the hand.

"Where are we going?"

We get to the gazebo. "My neighbor is out of town, finally," I say.

I bump up behind her. I am totally chubbed up (erect ;-) ). She reaches back with her right hand and caresses the side of my face. Then she turns around and kisses me.

I reach around her curvy hips and unbutton her jeans. They are so tight I can barely pull them down. She is wearing a white thong. I look down at her ass, plump and round and perfect.

I love undressing when I am wearing sweats. I don't even need two hands. I reach down, grab a handful of shorts and boxers, and pull. She puts her thumbs under the straps of her thong and pushes her ass back against me as she lowers them down around her knees.

I sit down on the wooden loveseat and lower her onto my cock. She whips her hair around one shoulder and holds it against the side of her neck. It's the same move as when we are dancing, gyrating hips and all.

She turns around and looks lustfully at me as she rhythmically raises and lowers her hips. I reach around and cup her left tit; her nipple is standing straight out against her paper-thin t-shirt.

She presses her lush lips against mine, pumping her tongue into my mouth. I tweak her nipple and trace my finger around her areola. She moans wistfully.

I grab on to her where leg meets hip, and squeeze. I am throbbing.

"Are you gonna come in my pussy, lover?"


I unload deeply inside her. "Oh God, I can feel your cum," she says. She holds perfectly still until my orgasm fully subsides.

"God, you come so much," she says. "Where do you KEEP it all?"


Saturday 5:00. Phone. Kelly.

"All ready for tonight?" she says.

"All set!" I say.

"I'll pick you up in 15," she says.

NFW. I am driving. I don't want to go all that way in someone else's car. It's bad enough that I have to sleep in the same room with her; I need to know my car is nearby. Not that I'm going to just up and leave, but...

It takes some convincing, but Kelly agrees to let me drive. The place is about a half hour away.

The Seaside Inn is beautiful. Lush gardens everywhere, and a beach right outside our room. I can smell the sea air as I lay down on the bed.

"Let's go for a walk," Kelly says. She takes my arm around the bicep, like always, and we stroll the grounds.

"You're acting different. What's wrong?" she says, as I admire the Hibiscus and the tall, orange-flowered Gladiolas.

Well, it's that whole BlackBerry thing. I'm pretty sure you were snooping, and that would mean that I am in for a serious ass-kicking, but if I'm going to get an ass-kicking anyway, it might as well be at an exclusive beach resort vacation that YOU are paying for...


"Huh? Oh, nothing, nothing's wrong. It's just Ross, and work, and..."

"Sorry babe. Well this weekend is for US, right?"

We get back to the room. "Do you wanna take a nap before dinner?" She says.

Well, that depends. Does this "nap" involve penetration of any kind?


She lays down on her side, with her back to me. Her hair is pulled into a tight ponytail.

I bump up against her ass (why am I getting deja vu??). This time, I am wearing jeans, so I need both hands to take them off. She pulls her white sweats off. Pink panties. Duh.

She pulls her sunglasses off her forehead and throws them on the nightstand with a loud "clack!"

I kiss the side of her neck. I am flooded with the flowery scent of her hair. She turns her head and kisses me, her teeth brushing against my lips just a bit.

She reaches back and grabs my cock. She raises her right leg a little, sliding me into her. I put my hand over hers as she rubs her clit vigorously.

How cool is it that I am fucking two girls within hours of each other, and both from the rear?

I start to grind away at her. "Slow," she says. "Sloooooooow". I shift to a snail-like pace, thrusting every inch, every MILLIMETER, inside her before pulling out again.

She is rubbing herself harder now. I pull out and get on top of her. She runs her hand over my chest. Her naked legs stretch straight out on either side of me.

I watch as my cock sinks, ball-deep, into her pussy. "Ohhhh, don't stop Steve, don't stop," she says.

I pump away, harder now. She is rubbing herself with four fingers. I can see the flesh of her pussy pulling this way and that.

"Oh fuuuuuuuck!" she says, still rubbing. "Fuck, I'm coming!"

I pull out of her and slide my condom off, rubbing my cock against her. I spray her with a load that would make livestock proud.

We lay there for a long moment. She turns around to face me.

"Who the fuck is Lila?" she says.

Yep, she saw the BlackBerry all right. Must have.

Luckily, I changed Lila's name to "Lee" on my contact list (I like that name for her), so if Kelly did look for her number in my BlackBerry under the name "Lila", she would not have found it.

"Her last name is 'none-of-your-fucking-business'," I say.

Kelly stands up. "You know what, Steve? You're a loser."

"Whatever, Kel."

"No. You're a LOSER. You're an idiot! I TOLD you I was ok with you seeing someone else. I TOLD you! All you had to do is TELL me, and it would have been fine!" Her mouth is clenched into a tight little sneer.

"But now it's not fine, Kel? Good. Who gives a shit?" I snap.

"You think you are so smart. You think you are so slick, lying and sneaking around. And I fucking see through you every single time. And you don't even HAVE to do it! All you had to do was tell the truth and you wouldn't have had to go through all the trouble, but you didn't want to do it. You're a weasel!"

Uh, Kel? Would you mind putting some clothes on? Watching your tits jiggle while you yell at me is really distracting.

"Fine, I'm a weasel, Kel." I reach down to get my pants. She kicks them. My wallet flies across the room, spewing credit cards all around. I rush over and start to retrieve them.

"Hahhahaha!" she laughs as I scramble around, picking up my Titanium MasterCard and my Target charge.

I grab my shirt. She grabs it at the same time; we have a brief tug-of-war before she releases it. I start to put it on; she flings one of my shoes at me. It glances off my shoulder.


She flings the other shoe at me. I duck; it hits the wall.

"You're so immature," she says. "You're like a little boy. 'Look at my car, look at my nice clothes, look at my big job'," she mocks. "You're just an insecure baby, aren't you?"

"Ya, Kel, I'M immature. As you snoop in my fucking BlackBerry and throw shoes at me. I'M the baby!"

"Obviously," she says.

I step into my shoes. I catch a glance of myself in the mirror; I look like a hobo.

I walk out the door. "Bye Kelly," I say.

How is she getting back home? Who gives a fuck? I'm sure she has a plan, or she would not have started a fight with me.

I sit down in the driver's seat. Shit. I forgot my phone.

I get up and head back toward the room. Kelly opens the door and flings my phone at me. It glances off my hand and lands on the asphalt. I pick it up. She laughs.

As I drive off, it occurs to me that Kelly was not entirely wrong about what she said.

I just hope she doesn't open her mouth to anyone she shouldn't.