Thursday, December 02, 2004

Welcome to Casey Kasem's Stevo's Top 40

This corporate visit has been a complete waste of time. I haven't met with Dan much at all, and a lot of the people he wanted me to "shadow" or sit down with have cut out early for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I've been on the phone with my office all day long, remotely putting out fires. So much for work being easier when I am here. I'm seriously considering leaving for home tonight after work.

My phone rings. It's Claire. "Steve, Dan would like you to join him for dinner tonight."

"Where at?"


"Wow. OK!"

Ricco's is a very snooty steakhouse, one of those places where there's an employee whose sole occupation it is to stand over you and refill your water glass every time you take a sip. It's very tough to get a reservation there. I wonder if Dan has some kind of major announcement to make.


6:30. Ricco's. It's Dan, me, and two other executives. Dan orders a $400 bottle of wine.

I will never understand the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for a bottle of booze. No matter how good it tastes, there are four of us, and our share will be gone in three minutes. Or less.

Think about the best burger you have ever eaten. It was probably an inch-thick slab of meat, piled high with grilled onions and three different kinds of cheese. It probably left a puddle of grease in the middle of your plate, and it probably lasted a lot longer than three minutes. It was, no doubt, a savory symphony. An olfactory orgasm.

Now, I ask you: Was that perfect burger worth $100?

Not only are you probably saying "no"; you are also probably saying that anyone who WOULD pay that much is nuts. But yet, people go around dumping wheelbarrows of cash on wine, and no one flinches.

"Gentlemen," Dan says. "This is the time of year that we reflect on our lives and acknowledge what we are thankful for. And it's no accident that you three are with me here tonight."

He turns to Bob, our VP of sales. "Robert, you changed the way this company sells insurance. You changed the paradigm. Our shareholders appreciate it. I appreciate it. Thank you!"

He turns to me. "Steven," he says. "I am, quite frankly, amazed that someone so young has come so far in this company. And yet when I see what you have done, the only question I ask myself is why I didn't give you that job sooner. You're going to be a very important person in this company in the years to come, Steve. Thank you!"

My stomach leaps. That was a nice toast. Dan can actually be a very good motivator when he wants to be.

He turns to Jorge, to my left. "Jorge, you headed up the internal review board. It was a thankless job. But you did important work. You identified areas of deficiency in this company, and the company is better for it. Thank you!"

"Gentlemen," he says. "Cheers."

We clank our heavy crystal wine glasses together and down our ridiculously-priced potables.


I get back to the room at 8:30 and crash for a couple of hours. I wake up and look at the bedside clock. 10:45.

I wonder if PWC chick is still at the Karaoke bar. I doubt it; she asked me to show up at 8, didn't she?

What the hell. I have nothing better to do, and Lotus House is only a couple of blocks away. Even if she's not there, other girls might be.

I change clothes and walk two blocks south. I enter the restaurant and make a sharp left through a set of swinging doors. The room is packed.

Right away, I am glad I came. With this many girls in the same place, I'm bound to find another girl to talk to. Or to do other various and sundry unmentionable things to.

A six-foot-five black man appears in front of me, flashing a huge, toothy grin. "HEYYYY, Steve!" he says. It's Mike, another auditor from PWC.

"How's it hanging, Mike?"

He bursts out laughing. Mike is one of those guys who cracks up at everything you say, whether it's funny or not.

"Your girl is looking for you. She's pissed, man!"

"She here?"

"Yep!" He points his chin to a densely populated corner of the room.

I finally make my way to the corner. Tiffany is here. She's wearing black stretch pants and a green sweater. It looks nice next to her auburn hair.

She is talking to one of her associates from PWC. She stops in mid-sentence and turns to me. "Better late than never," she says.

"Better late than blowoff," I say, smiling.

"Ha, ha," she says, sarcastically.

She turns to face me. Her sweater is tight enough to show me exactly how big her tits are. They are HUGE.

She stirs her drink with her index finger. "So why did you blow me off?" she says, without a trace of irony.

If I wasn't so fucking horny, I'd walk away. I have NO patience for this type of bullshit. If a chick is going to try to play manipulative little games, the least she can do is be subtle about it.

"I had dinner with Dan Johnson. Then I took a nap."

She licks her finger. "You had dinner with the CEO?! Oh, that's right, you're a DM!"

We talk for a long while. Tiffany is an animal lover. She's a strict vegan, and talks constantly about animal abuse. I throw out my best pet stories, and she laughs a little.

"I'm sorry I stood you up," she says, finally. "Renee told me not to go."


"My boss. She told me to stand you up."

"Oh yeah?"


Either this girl is yanking my chain, or she is a rank amateur.

It's midnight. If this isn't going anywhere, I need to get home.

I lean in to her, and cup my hand next to my mouth. "Let's go for a walk."

"Actually, I'm getting ready to go," she says. "Could you give me a ride?"

"My car is at the hotel."


We walk back to the hotel. She says, "Can I use your computer for a minute? I just remembered, I have to send an email for work."


We get back to the room and she gets on my laptop. At one point, I glance over her shoulder and see the words, "a trip!".

Work email, my ass. She's probably emailing Renee, telling her that she's about to get laid.

She stands up. "Thanks, Steve!"


She stares at me. "I had a good time tonight," I say.

"Me too! We should do it again sometime."

I run my hand down her arm. We kiss.

We sit down on the edge of the bed. The kissing grows more urgent, louder and wetter. She leans back on her elbows and looks at me.

I pull off her black stretch pants. She's wearing white cotton panties. I slide them down her hips.

I can smell her wetness, hot and musky. I lick her, slowly. She moans in ascent.

I run my tongue over her swollen pussy, again and again, bottom to top, never speeding up at all. I am vaguely aware of her moaning getting louder.

She sits up. "I need to use the bathroom," she says.

She walks into the bathroom and closes the door. It's still slighly ajar.

I hear talking. I slide across the bed and listen intently.

"I'm taking a shower, so I'll call you when I get out, ok? Bye," she says.

The toilet flushes. She walks out with her panties back on.

"How did THOSE things get back on?" I say.

She smiles and pulls them down. I help her off with her sweater. She's wearing a lavender bra that hooks in front. She reaches down and pops it off. Her tits are big and nice, at least 34D's.

We kiss again, urgently. I fumble to get undressed, then pick up my pants and rummage hurriedly around in my pocket.

"Whatcha lookin' for?"


"Just pull out," she says.

Yeah, right, honey.

"It's ok, it's right here," I say, slipping it on.

She leans back on her elbows again, her knees in the air. I rub my cock against her; she is soft and wet.

I slide into her, easily. Now we are fucking like crazy, hard and fast. The in-and-out feels incredible as I rub against the walls of her pussy.

I pull out of her and grab her by the hip, flipping her over. It's time for a little grudge fucking.

I rub my cock under her until I find her opening, and slide wetly inside. I grab her hips and wail away, hard.

I'll teach you to stand me up, bitch.

"Are you a dirty girl," I say, deeply.

"Yes. YES!"

"Are you a little whore?"


"Do you fucking like that, bitch?" I ask, pumping away harder.


She pulls away from me and rolls me over onto the bed. She lays down right on top of me, almost like a reverse missionary style. She kisses me full on the lips, tongue and all.

"I love the way my pussy tastes," she says.

That makes one of us.

I put my hand on the smooth globe of her ass and close my eyes as she slides up and down on my cock.

"Uhhhhhh," she says. "You're gonna make me come."

She grinds at me, harder. Her breathing quickens. She's biting her plump, pink bottom lip so hard it looks like she is going to draw blood.

I grab her ass and flip her over, landing on top of her. I look down. Her pussy is completely wet, slick and shiny. I watch as I slowly plunge in and out of her.

I can feel the pleasure building. I struggle to relax my muscles down there, to hold it back.

"Do you want me to come in your face? Huh?"

She shakes her head.

"So all over your nice big tits then?"

"Mm-hmm." She looks down. She is watching it, too.

I am shaking. I can't hold it anymore. I slide out of her.

The condom slips off easily. This girl is so wet that I feel like I could fuck her all night. And I want to.

I walk a couple of steps on my knees, straddling her. I rub my cock against her tit, feeling her huge pink nipple.

I explode with orgasm. It's on her tits, yeah, but also her chest, her neck, the bed.

Guess you better take that shower now, honey.