Saturday, October 30, 2004

Brit, it's over BACK ON!

So sexy it's frightening.

Every time I read another depressing story about Britney Spears getting married, or divorced, or making some dumbass comment, or getting married again, I just shake my head and say, "Brit, that tartan skirt and those braids were REALLY working for me, but at this point, I'd say you've basically reached your peak."

Then I see an ad like this one, and just like that, all of her trailer-trashy behavior is forgiven.

Note the smoldering dark brown eyes, and her plump, luscious lips, complete with deep arroyo down the middle of the bottom one. Guys, don't even TRY to tell me you are not fantasizing about having those babies wrapped around your pulsating johnson.

Oh, and Brit, to answer your question, yes, I dare.....