Monday, October 11, 2004

Cheaters never prosper

Of the THREE people who entered this contest (that's right), only ONE did not cheat, so she is our winner: The D! Congrats and check your inbox for your gmail invitation!

The moral of the story: If you have to cheat, lie about it! Which, if you think about it, is very appropos to this blog...

The answers...

1. "Stay with me while we grow old, and we will live each day in the springtime"
Minnie Ripperton, "Loving You"

2. "Come give me a hug if you're into gettin' rubbed"
50 Cent, "In Da Club"

3. "I wanted to be with you alone and talk about the weather"
Tears for Fears, "Head Over Heels"

4. "I may have made it rain; please forgive me \ My weakness caused you pain, and this song's my sorry"
Britney Spears, "Everytime"

5. "I hope you'll be alright, 'cause me and the boys will be playin' all night."
Kiss, "Beth"

6. "You don't always have to fuck her hard; in fact sometimes that's not right to do"
Tenacious D, "Fuck Her Gently"

7. "I'm happy, feelin' glad, I got sunshine, in a bag, I'm useless, but not for long, the future is comin' on"
Gorrillaz, "Clint Eastwood"

8. "Breathe, breathe in the air, don't be afraid to care"
Pink Floyd, "Breathe"

9. "Don't think that your charm and the fact that your arm is now around my neck / Will get you in my pants; I'll have to kick your ass and make you never forget"
Avril Lavigne, "Don't Tell Me"

10. "Thought you'd never miss me 'til I got a Fat City address / Non-stop talker, what a rocker!Blue-eyed murder in a side-swiped dress"
Van Halen, "Unchained"


Stay tuned for today's post....