Thursday, May 12, 2005

Let's get this party started

"Meet me upstairs in two minutes."

I watch her ass wiggle as she walks away. She turns around and puckers at me, her eyes narrowed seductively.

The two minutes seem to take hours. My heart is racing with the thought of fucking Stephanie good and hard, all the while flirting with the very real possibility of being caught.

"So where do you work again?" Aunt Carol says, stirring a drink with her finger, then licking it.

If you look like Eva Longoria, that's an extremely hot move. Otherwise, it makes me think about how many doorknob- and toilet bowl-germs you just lapped up.

I answer her.

"Ooooo! Well, my brother is looking for work. Do you think you could-"

"Please excuse me."

I climb the steps two at a time, then make a left at the top of the staircase. Her door is closed tightly. I grab the doorknob and turn it softly.

The blinds are closed and the lights are out, but bright sunshine streams through every uncovered space, filling the room with a strange dark-light.

Steph is sitting on the bed, one leg folded under her body. She walks to me, unsmiling. "You are sooo crazy, you know that?" Now she's smirking a bit.

"Do you have ANY idea how bad I want you right now?"

"Uh-uh." She unhooks her belt, slowly, quietly. The metallic jingle of the buckle is like music to me; I hear it, and my heart beats faster.

She unbuttons her jeans and unzips her fly, slowly, languidly, so that I can almost hear the zipper disengaging tooth by tooth.

She peels her jeans down, and for a moment they rest, inside out, against her thighs, like the skin of a banana.

She slides her light blue panties silently down, just far enough to see her clean-shaven pussy.

"Did you shave again?"

"I love shaving now!" She smiles.

Yeah, that's my girl!

I unbutton and unzip and pull, and my cock is fully exposed, long and rigid and desperate to slither in her warm wetness.

She presses her body to me, her smooth pussy hot against my thigh. "I am SO nice and wet for you," she whispers in my ear.

I guide her to a doggie-style position over the edge of the bed, and for a moment I am taken with how utterly beautiful she looks this way. Her ass is perfect, round, full and tight. Like a mink coat on display in a fancy boutique, it just begs to be touched and carressed.

It fills me with pure lust to see her jeans and panties bunched up around her thighs; it's a dirty, illicit vibe that makes me want her even more urgently.

I stand behind her, running my stiff rod up and down along her ass and pussy, flicking her labia, brushing against her asshole.

All at once, I ram it into her with a low sigh, and then we are fucking, hard, fast, and yes, loud.

She's not screaming, but she is letting loose with a good moan here and there. And the bed ain't the quietest thing in the world, either.

I look down. My cock is shining with her juices, and perfectly hard, like glass. I pull it out of her, head and all, and pause for an endless moment before I bury it inside her again, reveling in the wet, squishy sounds.

Tap-tap-tap, I hear, faintly.

"Somebody in there?" A man says. His voice sounds far away.

Steph turns around and looks at me, panicked. "I think he's knocking at the bathroom door," I whisper.

Silence. Then, even more faintly, "Thanks." Yep, he was waiting for the bathroom after all.

I love the idea that there is someone mere feet away, who at any moment could open the wrong door and catch us in the act. I grab her hips tighter, sinking my fingers into her supple flesh, and close my eyes as I feel the climax build.

She arches her back slightly. Instinctively, my hand slides up her abdomen and over a pert breast; I cup it gently in my hand, her nipple between my second and third finger.

She draws a shaky breath. I can feel her trembling under my hands. A moment later, I am trembling too.

My right hand slides around her waist. She grabs it tightly. I slide deeper into her, and I can feel the orgasm rack her body, almost violently. I watch as I enter her one final time, exploding with my own climax, and both of us stay perfectly still for a moment, breathing heavily and clutching one other tightly.

"You should get internships more often," I say finally.