Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm craving popcorn all of a sudden...

Friday April 9, 2005 9:00pm

"Holy shit!" I exclaim, staring at the viewscreen of Brian's camcorder.

He's playing a video of a huge cock being rammed in and out of a woman's completely shaved vagina. It's an extreme close-up, so close that it looks like it was shot with a microscope instead of a camera. I can see every fold, every freckle, every petal of her pussy as the guy fucks her. It's obviously being filmed by the guy himself: The camera's looking straight down at the action, from an angle that only the guy doing it would have.

"Ohhh, yeah," a tinny female voice says from the cheap-sounding camera speaker. She sounds familiar.

The camera pans up slowly. The picture is shaky and unsteady, like you would expect from amateur porn. First I see a huge, tanned pair of breasts, bouncing subtly up and down. The girl is riding the guy, that's for sure. Next I see a face. It's Susan. It occurs to me that her tits are much bigger than they look when she has clothes on.

Her face is twisted into a grimace of ecstasy, her eyes closed, her lip curled slightly. It's a really hot fuck face. Suddenly, I realize that I am fully erect, my cock pressing insistantly against the inside of my jeans. Maybe Susan isn't so bad after all!

"FUCK, baby," a man's voice moans, and I immediately recognize it as Brian. He pans back down to his cock, and she's riding him faster now, harder, planting her hands on his chest and lifting her hips way up, so that he's almost all the way out of her, before slamming them down again.

I'm far from a phallic afficionado, but I've watched enough porn to know a big cock when I see one, and Brian's is huge. I'm thinking it's eight or nine inches, easy, and thick, too. Trust me: This guy's packing a Louisville Slugger. It's strange, seeing a skinny guy like him with a dick like that.

"What're you guys doing over there?" Susan calls from the other room.

"Be right back," Brian calls.

The picture shakes and bounces wildly, and suddenly I'm looking at the carpet. Then more shaking, and it's on Susan's naked body again, flat on her back, with her hand on her breast, thumbing her nipple.

He's pulled out of her now, rubbing his huge dick slowly with his right hand. The rubbing gets faster, then faster still, until he finally erupts, shooting a long ribbon of cum across her abdomen with a loud groan.

Brian hits the STOP button on the camcorder, looking at me. "You like that?"

"I've seen worse," I smile.

"We bought this thing for the honeymoon," he says, tapping the camera. "It makes DVD's. Cool, huh?"

"REALLY cool!"

"You can borrow it sometime, if you want."

"The camera, not the video, right?" I smile.

He shrugs. "You're my friend. You can see whatever you want."

"I appreciate that."

"So this ex of yours sounds hot."

"All I said was she was cute!"

He laughs. "If you played it off that way, she must be smokin'! So, you still nailin' her?"

"Lila? No!"

"Well, I just figured, if she was still callin' you..."

"So does that mean you're doing that other chick? The airhead?"

He smiles slowly, a big, I'm-getting-away-with-murder smile. " 'Course I am!" Then he scowls, pointing his chin towards the family room. "She's too busy getting hundred-dollar manicures to fuck me!"

"Sounded like you were doing ok at the hotel. And at my house that night."

"She likes having an audience."


"She thinks you're hot, too."

"No shit!" I say, smiling broadly.

"Don't be flattered. She likes money." We laugh.

"Check this out," he says, pulling his wallet from his back pocket. He slides a picture of Susan out of a photo sleeve to reveal a young brunette with sleepy brown eyes and thick, juicy lips.

"That your ex?"

"Mm-hmm. Fuckin' wild little thing."

"She looks it."

"Fucked me and sucked my buddy's dick at the same time," he says evenly.

"Damn, man!"

"I told her about you. She wants to meet you."

"No thanks."

"Suit yourself. Hey, you got a picture of your ex?"

"No, I took 'em out."

"Ahh, the wallet purge. The first sign of being pussy whipped!" he laughs.

His face turns serious. He holds up his index finger, leaning in to me. "NEVER be a one-woman man, Steve."