Monday, February 21, 2005

"Happy anal day to you, happy anal day to you...."

Saturday, February 5, 2005, 9:00pm
Steve's house

Stephanie and I have developed a kind of language all our own when it comes to sex. Neither of us ever says, "I want to fuck"; it's much more subtle.

No, with us it's a little smile, or a wink, or a sly comment. "You're in BIG trouble when we get home, mister," she'll say to me from across the booth at Friday's or in line at the laundromat, and that is all I need to set me off. After that, without another word, I am ready to explode by the time I pull into the driveway.

I like waking her up in the middle of the night. "Baby, get up! Steph!" I'll say, gently shaking her shoulder.

"Mmmm?" she'll say, rubbing her eyes.

"Kiss me."

"You're crazy," she'll say, but she will. Next thing you know, we are naked and fucking each other's brains out at 3:37 in the morning.

If there is something she wants me to do, or something I want her to do, we usually drop a hint beforehand. One day, we're flipping channels and we see a rodeo on ESPN. "Have you ever heard of reverse cowgirl?" I ask. "Of course," she says. That night, guess what we did?

Lately she's been dropping hints about anal. "Why do guys like that so much?" she'll ask, then study my face carefully as I answer.

I'm careful not to speak in too many generalities with a question like this. I want to make it seem like it's the idea of doing it to HER that drives me crazy, not the idea of doing it to any old girl who comes along. If I play my cards right, I can flatter my way right up her ass.

"I don't know about other guys, but your ass is so perfect, so soft and round. The idea of bumping up against it...mmmm," I say.

"But you bump up against it when we do it doggie. What's the difference?"

"The angle is different. And it....feels different. It's tighter."

"So you can fantasize I'm a virgin?"

"It's more the idea that you have your back to me, that you're trusting me so totally to put myself inside you in a place that's not usually....used for that."

"Ahhhh, ok."


We're laying in bed, flipping channels and talking. Steph's study group got out early today and we've just been relaxing.

She turns over and puts her chin on my chest. Her eyes lock onto mine, and her right hand wanders down to my boxers. Without a word, she pulls them down, not off, just enough to get them out of the way, and goes down on me. Her eyes never leave mine as her head bobs slowly up and down my cock.

I love having sex with Steph on a Saturday. It's a lazy day, the laziest of the week, and we can really let go and have fun.

She pulls me from her mouth with a little pop! and licks it slowly, swirling her tongue around the head. My eyes roll back; I am throbbing with desire.

"You like that?" She says.

I look down at her. "It's ok," I smile. She smiles back.

"You looove getting your dick sucked, don't you?"

"I do love it."

"Do you love fucking me?" she asks, slipping her panties off. Her gaze is still bolted to mine.

"HELL ya."

"Do you wanna fuck me in the ass?"

My stomach leaps. "Of COURSE I do!" This girl really has a flair for the dramatic, doesn't she?

I reach for the nightstand and get the Astroglide. She crawls to me on all fours, kissing me passionately. I get up and pull my boxers the rest of the way off; she lays down on her stomach, flipping her hair over one shoulder.

I smear lube on my right palm, then rub my hands together to warm it up. No sense freezing her to death; she's going to be tense enough back there.

I rub the lube gently against her tight little opening and the area all around it. I slip a finger inside her now and again, and I am surprised how little resistance there is. She never actually said she hadn't done this before, after all. Maybe she has!

I press my index finger into her more deeply, up to the second knuckle. "NNNNNugh," she says.

I straddle her from behind, and rub my cock in between the cheeks of her ass. It slides effortlessly across her asshole with all the lube I've put on her. It feels incredible.

I'm taking it very slow today; I want to ease her into this. Every so often I will pull back and let my cock slip down between her legs, brushing against her pussy and clit. Each time I do, she lifts her hips up slightly to accomodate me.

I should probably go a little longer before going for it, but I am so horny now that I can't wait another second. I sit up a little straighter, and she senses that it's time. She grabs her cheeks and pulls them apart for me, pointing her ass up at the ceiling. Her butt truly is perfect, round and soft.

I squeeze some more lube on my dick. If this doesn't work, it sure as hell is NOT going to be because it wasn't slippery enough!

"Is this gonna hurt?" She says.

"I don't intend to ever find out."

We laugh.

I press the head against her asshole and push down on it with one finger. I'll leave it there for a while until she opens up a bit-

It slips inside effortlessly. AWESOME!

She reaches back and grabs my forearm, then pushes her ass back against me. I slide fully into her with a grunt and a sigh.

"Ohhhhhhh," she moans.

Now I am fucking her, watching, trancelike, as my greasy cock slips smoothly in and out of her. "DAMMIT that feels good!" I moan.

She turns around and looks at me, seductively, over her right shoulder. "Do you like my asshole?" she says.

"I fucking LOVE your tight little asshole."

"Then fuck me, baby."

She lifts her hips a little higher, pushing towards me in perfect rhythm with my thrusting. I can feel every inch of her, gripping me tightly as I slip in and out.

I don't like to do anal for very long the first time; I like to take it slow and see how she recovers the next day. I'm also not a fan of going from ass to vagina or ass to mouth: Sure, I've done it, but there are germs back there you don't want to spread.

These are all just excuses, really: I am so horny right now that I want to explode.

"You are gonna make me cum, baby."

"Go for it."

I pull it out and rub it against her cheeks again. She squeezes them together, and it feels squishy and warm, almost like I am fucking her.

I blow my load on the small of her back, leaving a puddle the size of a silver dollar. Did all that come out of ME?

Steph smiles back at me. "It wasn't even your birthday," she says.