Saturday, April 09, 2005

Do I take care of you guys, or not?

Being a smut-blogger definitely has its advantages. For example, the PR firm representing Doc Johnson hooked me up with some free sex toy samples a while back. And since I have very little use for vibrators shaped like dicks, I decided to pass them along to a few female friends of mine, on the condition that they fill me (and you) in on every last boner-inducing detail. Check out the first one!

Doc Johnson's Slim and Squirmy Posted by Hello

March 28, 2005
The very hot BLANKA

"When I get home after a long day at work, I don’t slip into something more comfortable. I slip onto my Doc Johnson. Its slim fit and multi-level vibration sends me to cloud-fucking-9-and-a-half. I love to press the Doc deep inside of me while working my clit slowly with my thumb – the sensation is incredible! For any girl whose pussy is as tight as mine, the Doc is a sexual masterpiece. The orgasm comes hard and lasts long."

Hey Blanka, I'm not believing that whole "tight pussy" bit. I'm definitely gonna need to see proof.....

Stay tuned for more reviews in the weeks to come! Who knows? There might even be another one this weekend.....