Sunday, April 10, 2005

Doc Johnson delivers again

Check out the latest vibrator review, guys... my friend Betty tried it out while IM'ing with her man friend. This is HOT!

Doc Johnson's i-Vibe Posted by Hello

Betty: baby

Barney: Hey

Barney: hows it going doll

Betty: not too bad

Betty: lol

Betty: i can't believe i want to fuck a sawks fan...

Betty: mindblowing

Betty: :-P]

Barney: and I can't believe i want to blow a load all over the
face of a yankee fan

Betty: Mmm.

Barney: but then again.......

Betty: you want to on all of them

Barney: hahahaah

Barney: that's very flattering

Barney: thanks ;)

Betty: the fucking is the bigger shock luv ;)

Barney: mmmm

Barney: fucking you is a nice thought

Betty: i agree

Betty: sometimes a little sentence like that and I start to
feel hot... insane

Barney: mmhmm

Barney: i choose my words carefully

Betty: .i hope you are always as purposeful with your mouth

Barney: mmmmmm

Betty: i'd love to open my eyes and see you on top of me ;)

Barney: oh yeah

Barney: nice thought

Betty: you think?

Barney: fuck yeah!

Betty: :-D

Barney: doggie would be a must

Betty: i love it

Barney: you know what i love

Betty: ?

Barney: if i would be doing you doggie and you would kinda
stand up on your knees

Barney: and turn around

Betty: and snap your dick off?

Barney: ew.

Betty: ;)

Betty: just checking

Barney: BEHAVE

Betty: ok ok

Betty: lol

Barney: it can be done smartass

Betty: ok

Barney: you've never done that??

Betty: switched from doggie to face to face?

Betty: of course i have

Barney: no i mean you stand up on your knees

Barney: while being fucked from behind

Betty: hmm... no, i don't think i have

Barney: oh man

Barney: ok, memo to self

Barney: :)

Betty: if you were fucking me from behind

Betty: what would you be doing with your hands?

Barney: tit grabbing

Barney: what else?

Betty: there are other options

Barney: or hip grabbing

Barney: that's hot too

Betty: uh huh

Betty: or...?

Barney: pull em in nice and hard

Barney: and ass squeezing

Betty: uhhhh yeah

Barney: or reading the LL Bean catalog

Betty: you could be feeling how wet i was too

Barney: fuck yeah

Barney: slippery and hot

Betty: rubbing my clit between your fingers

Barney: sneaking a finger in your asshole

Betty: uh huh

Barney: yeah def. a reacharound would be in order

Barney: hey speaking of that how do you like your toy

Betty: i decided to wait

Barney: you haven't tried it?

Betty: i thought we could play with it together. in some capacity,
at least

Barney: k go get it!!!

Betty: ok!!

Betty: one sec!

Barney: mmmmmmmm

Barney: [jeopardy theme playing]

Betty: ok

Betty: GOT IT!

Barney: good baby

Betty: now...

Betty: get me

Barney: so.....

Barney: where were we

Betty: i was v wet

Barney: AND

Barney: what exactly precisely was i doing

Betty: you were fucking me wildly

Barney: from behind i believe?

Betty: yes!!!!!!!

Barney: and squeezing your nice big tits

Barney: and then reaching around

Barney: and squeezing your clit between two fingers

Barney: just a little

Betty: !!!!!!!!

Barney: and it is so hot down there

Barney: i can hardly stand it

Barney: and you know what is crazy hot

Betty: god this thing is amazing

Betty: uhm... I mean you ;)

Barney: you are down with your stomach against the bed

Barney: ass in the air

Betty: i am so close

Barney: and i grab hold of your hips

Barney: and pull it out

Betty: uh huh??

Barney: ALL the way out

Betty: ah

Barney: and then shove it right back in

Barney: without touching

Betty: god yes

Barney: ALLL the way out

Barney: and it is so fucking long and hard

Barney: and wet

Barney: from your juicy pussy

Barney: and then RIGHT back in

Betty: very fucking wet

Barney: and when you do it that way it is noisy as all hell

Betty: heh

Barney: all squishy and wet sounding

Betty: it is

Betty: suction

Barney: mmmmmm

Barney: i looove looking down

Betty: god i want you in me so badly

Barney: and watching it go in and out

Barney: shove that fucking vibrator in you baby

Betty: i did

Barney: and watching your pussy turn inside out when i pull it out

Betty: i am dripping

Betty: i 'm so wet

Barney: good

Betty: very

Barney: then i can flip you over

Betty: very

Betty: good

Betty: yes

Barney: and spread your legs nice and wide

Barney: and ram my cock into you wihtout even touching it

Barney: and wail away at you good and hard

Barney: and watch your tits bounce

Betty: i am def going to cum in a sec

Betty: OMG

Barney: fucking come for me baby doll

Betty: oh i will

Betty: i know it

Barney: you can almost feel me can't you

Betty: i SO can

Barney: so hard

Barney: throbbing

Betty: ah

Barney: i am gonna fucking explode

Betty: uh do it huh

Betty: on me

Betty: cum

Barney: tell me where you want it baby

Betty: right on my tits

Barney: all over your big fucking tits

Barney: mmmm

Betty: i wanna see it

Barney: we think alike

Barney: you gonna rub it out for me

Barney: and watch me blast you

Betty: put your hand on my pussy

Barney: mmmmmm

Betty: i want you to feel me

Barney: as you come

Betty: yes

Betty: yes!!

Barney: throbbing away down there

Barney: and rub it just a little bit

Betty: ahhh

Barney: moaning

Betty: Mmhmm

Barney: you don't even realize it

Barney: and i am too

Betty: oh god

Betty: ohhh

Barney: yah

Barney: talk to me baby girl

Barney: are you gonna come for me

Barney: nice and hard

Betty: right now

Betty: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Barney: i feel like i am gonna blow such a huge fucking load

Betty: there you feel that

Betty: omg

Barney: mmmmmmm

Betty: that was sick

Barney: VERY fucking sick

Betty: i can't move

Betty: my god man!

Barney: yaa that was nice

Barney: it makes me want you pretty fucking badly i have to say

Betty: right back atcha killer

Barney: mmmmm

OK, so we didn't learn too much about what this little toy can do. But it obviously works, doesn't it?