Thursday, July 08, 2004

Steve's first two-and-a-half-some, part II

It's 11:30. The guys are in the kitchen, drinking and playing poker. The girls are in the living room, drinking and.....talking, I guess.

About an hour passes, and Jim, Pete, and Phil head off to bed. Now, it's just Rob and me. If I am going to get my ration of shit for telling that dick-in-hand story, it's going to happen now.

"You ever think about gettin' married, Stevie?"

"To you? Nah, you fool around too much," I say.

"I fucked around a lot. A REAL lot. I'm tired. I've been doin' a lot of thinkin' about my life lately, and I think I'm ready to settle down," he says.

"Taylor seems nice."

"Kelly too. So how long've you guys been together?"

"Not long. A month. You?"

"About 8 months. That's a record for me."


The door opens. It's Kelly and Taylor.

"We've come to a decision," Kelly says.

"What's that?" I ask.

"We wanna play strip poker," Kelly says.


Rob, who was almost asleep, sits bolt upright, like a Beefeater, his eyes open cartoonishly wide. We look at each other, in utter disbelief.

Sure, there had been strip poker games at the cabin before, but not for years. That was more of a college thing, at least for us.

We decide on the following rules:

1. Everyone removes one article of clothing per hand, except the player who wins the hand;
2. None of that "flashing" bullshit: If you take something off, it stays off;
3. A pair of shoes or socks count as ONE article of clothing.

Translation: We are gonna have some NAKED bodies in here, and fast.

Kelly turns out to be a good player, and she wins the first two hands. Rob and I are sitting there shirtless and shoeless; Taylor has removed her shoes (dark red toenail polish) and her shirt, and is in a bikini top and white cotton shorts. Her tits are bigger than I thought. She is at least a B - and they look really firm; no trace of a sag anywhwere.

I win the third hand. Kelly kicks her shoes off. Rob pulls down his shorts and is in just a pair of boxers. "UH-OHHHHHH!" Kelly says. Rob is in danger of being naked very soon.

Taylor stands up and slides her shorts down. She is wearing a tiny little bikini bottom. Her bikini lines are completely smooth. She's definitely had a Brazilian wax...

Kelly looks at her, looks away, then looks back again. Hmmm...

Rob wins the next hand. Kelly stands up and slowly unties her halter top. She removes it and drops it to the floor. Kelly is not huge-chested but she actually has some cleavage going on. Can't WAIT to do her tonight...

But right now, it's time for Taylor to pay the piper. She reaches behind her back to unhook her bikini top; Kelly says, "I'll get it," and with a POP, it falls to the floor.

Yeah, Taylor's boobs are really nice. Firm and tan. Her nipples are fully erect. It's not that cold in here; this girl is turned ON. Could this be orgy territory?

"Ok, let's go, let's go," Rob says. I am staring a little too much, I guess.

My turn. I stand up and lower my shorts to the floor.

"We got a tent-pitcher!!" Rob says.

I look down. I am at full attention.

I'm reminded of the Eddie Murphy standup routine, in which he talks about being in the 8th grade and getting a hard-on in class. The teacher says, "Mr. Murphy, would you like to come up and work this math problem out on the board?" and Eddie says, "No, thank you. I'll take the zero!"

But remember, it's the 10%-90% rule. How will I deal with it?

"Looks like you're in trouble, Kelly!" Taylor says, looking at my erection.

"You're BOTH in trouble," I say. Rob glares.

"Yeah, I'm horny as hell," I say. "Can anyone direct me to the parking lot?!"

The girls crack up. The moment has passed; I sit down.

I win another hand. This is it...

Taylor stands up, puts her thumbs under the sides of her bikini bottom, and pulls down. She is almost totally shaved, but I can see what appears to be a thin landing strip. She turns around, playfully; her ass is round and perfect, nice and tight-looking. She's got a tattoo in the small of her back; it's a symbol I've never seen before.

"Wu-huuu! Kelly says! The first naked of the day!" They slap high fives.

Kelly stands up and pulls her shorts down. She's wearing a pink thong bikini bottom.

Rob stands up, and unceremoniously pulls his boxers down. I glance over. He is limp as a noodle. Come ON, man! Suddenly Rob looks like he doesn't want to play anymore.

We play another hand. I win again. Kelly stands up, and turns her back to Taylor. Taylor unhooks her, and with a shimmy, Kelly's bikini top falls to the floor.

I have described Kelly's breasts as oranges. That's just what they look like: Almost perfectly round. Her stomach is flat and muscular enough that you can see her ribs. Her nipples are hard too....and she keeps looking over at Taylor. Taylor is looking at her, too: Short, furtive glances. Are they hot for each other?

I look over at Rob. His head keeps drooping down. He is fading fast.

Rob wins the next hand, seemingly in his sleep. Kelly stands up and kind of sticks her ass out a little bit as she pulls her bottoms down. It's a move that strippers make on stage.

Kelly has shaved: She's now got "peach fuzz" where she had a full bush before. She turns a bit to the side, and the roundness of her ass, her nakedness, drives me insane.

I stand up and drop my boxers. I am totally fucking hard. I like the idea that the girls are looking at me.

"We are OUTTA here," Kelly says, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me to the bedroom. As I turn around, Taylor is straddling Rob, right there at the table.

Strip poker is cool: When you are totally naked, there is no disrobing to worry about when you wanna get down to business. Kelly falls to the bed and pulls me on top of her. Her eyes are fixed on me. "Are you gonna fuck me good? Are you gonna fucking pound me?" she is saying, through gritted teeth.

"Oh yeah."

She pulls her knees back. I enter her. She is hot and slippery inside, like melted wax. I pull back, not all the way out, but close. I slam our hips together. BANG. Then again, BANG.


I lower my hips down, just a bit. I am entering her at an upward angle now. Supposedly there is an "A spot" up there; sometimes girls seem to like it this way.

"Oh SHIT! Right there!" she is saying. "Holy fucking shit!!" She starts grinding against me, urgently. So I do what any good guy would do when his girl is getting off: I pull out!

I roll her over so she is on all fours. I penetrate her from behind, grabbing her taut thighs and slamming away at her. She is pushing back against me each time I enter her.

"That's it," I say. "Fuck back."

I slap her on the ass. Hard. I leave a hand print. "Do you fucking like that?"

"YEAH!! Oh, fuck yeah!"

I slap her harder. "Do you fucking LIKE that? BITCH!?"


"Do you want me to come all over your fucking face?"

"MMMMMMM, yeah!"

"TELL me!"

"Please come in my face. PLEASE come in my face!"

I pull my cock out of her and she flips over. I kneel over her and blast her right between the eyes. And on the nose. And in her mouth (she swallows). I am vaguely aware that she is rubbing me as I come.

"FUCK yeah," she sighs. "You are soooo fucking good. Shit!"

I think I am starting to understand Kelly sexually. I think she likes to be humiliated...we will see.... be concluded...