Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Blue Tuesday

The acquisition is going on as scheduled, later this morning. I will be in a lawyer's office for at least five hours, bored to tears.

This is just the type of meeting where I would be in the back of the room, sending x-rated messages to Lila on my BlackBerry, and she'd be sending them back from her study hall, or wherever.

Yeah, I miss her.

Tonight, we are all going to Doc O'Malley's to celebrate the acquisition. Drinking is not nearly as fun when I have no chance to get laid, so I have to plan for the evening. The way I see it, I have five options:

1. Call Kelly (hot Kelly) and see if she is free, even though we have a date tomorrow night;
2. Call Butterface Kelly (psycho chick). This would truly be an act of desperation;
3. Late-night booty call with Lila (IF she can sneak out of the house, and IF she is willing. I think we will probably hook up again, but I kind of want her to make the first move);
4. Try to hook up with someone at the bar (for some reason, I have better luck with waitresses than girls who are there drinking, but the waitresses there are all 50-year-old skanks who smoke 2 packs a day. It definitely ain't Hooters);
5. Go home and whack off. A last resort.

It's a sad state of affairs when my #2 option is a stalker-in-training.

I'm off to the lawyer's office now. When I get back, I'll start calling around to see what I can arrange for tonight.