Monday, June 07, 2004

A-one, a-two-hoo-hooo! A-three.....NO!

I am not a jealous boyfriend. Maybe it's cause I don't like being a boyfriend to begin with. Maybe it's because I'm "secure in my manliness". Whatever it is, I kind of get off on the idea of another guy doing my girlfriend in front of me. I have suggested it to a couple of girls I have been with, but none of them were ever up for it. Two girls and me is good too, but there is nothing quite like the idea of watching my girl get pounded.

Lila was always telling me about her friend, "Sally," whom she used to get high with. Sally, she said, was WAY crazier than she was. "So invite her over here for a threesome," I said, half jokingly.

"Oh yeah!" Said Lila. "She has said before, she wants to do that someday. But there are two big rules."


"You can't kiss her on the mouth, and you CAN NOT fuck her"

Well, ok. But wasn't that kind of the point?

One night about a week later, Lila brought Sally over to my house. I drank; they got high. Smoking always makes Lila hornier than usual, and she was on me like a vulture.

I remember it vividly. I was sitting on the couch, beer in hand, and she jumped up on my lap so our faces were almost touching. She starts grinding away at me, and all the while, Sally is right across the room, baked as hell.

"Fuck, you guys!! Fuck! I want to see you!" Sally said.

"I can't get naked in front of her," Lila said. So she pulls her jeans down around her knees, and I do the same. And then she turns all the lights out, and it's almost pitch black in the room.

And then she mounts me, and starts riding me. Hard.

Sally is looking, staring as us while we fuck. I had never had sex with someone watching like that. I liked it.

So Lila turns around and looks at Sally, then pulls my head close to her, and says in my ear, "she's playing with herself."

I look over, and sure enough, Sally is rubbing her crotch, over her jeans. She unbuttons her jeans.....

Lila turns around again. "Do you want to get fucked," she says. "Do you want him to fuck you?"

I'm gonna have a threesome, I thought. I'm finally gonna have one!! But I thought that was one of the rules, that I couldn't fuck her! Well, not that I am complaining.

"Wait," says Sally, and she runs to the bathroom.

Two minutes later, the door opens, and Sally comes running out (fully clothed, BTW), runs out the front door, and goes sprinting down the street. Lila and I just kind of shrug and keep fucking.

Truthfully, I expected her to walk around for a while, then come back. But she never did. Turns out, she walked the whole 5 miles home.

Better luck next time, right?