Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Lila gets busted - and I do a little "busting" of my own

Unfortunately, even if I stop blogging, my life does not slow down, so I am now way behind on everything that's been going on. Time to play a little catch up:

Lila's mother found out about her drugging. "I SMELL POT ON YOUR CLOTHES! YOU'VE BEEN SMOKING AGAIN!" she said.

"No mom, I haven't!!!"

And she's telling the truth! She HASN'T been smoking! Snorting coke, yeah, but no smoking!!

So now Lila is grounded for four weeks, and one more strike and her mother is sending her to rehab. Yikes.

Ever the rebellious teen, Lila tells me to meet her at the 7-11 near her house Monday at midnight. She is waiting for me, smoking a cigarette. She is wearing platform flip-flops and pink jogging shorts. Some scraggly-looking dude is making the lamest attempt at a pickup ever. "Didja ever step on broken glass in yer bare feeeeet?" he is saying as I pull up.

"Get me the HELL outta here," she says.

We drive to my house. She sighs deeply and puts her head on my shoulder, not saying a word.

"Can we watch a movie?" she says when we get to the house.

So we watch a little of "American Beauty" (no Lolita jokes, please) and she starts kissing my neck. I feel pins and needles all up my spine. I have to admit it: This girl knows how to kiss me.

"I'm so glad you're home," she says. "Can I come with you next time you travel?"

"Yeah, I'll just ask your mom for permission. Shouldn't be a problem."

"Fuck her. I'll tell her I'm visiting my dad."


"Don't you usually take a shower at night," she says.



"Ok, you talked me into it," I say.

We go to the bathroom. Lila has a way of taking her clothes off that drives me crazy. She has a certain way of cocking her hips to the side and just sort of languidly pulling her shirt over her head, and sliding her panties silently down her legs...

If Lila has a physical flaw, it's that she's really pale. But she's been mistaken for a Hispanic or an Asian at times, though she isn't either.

I am amazed at her curviness. She has this tiny little waist, with a deep arroyo up the middle of her abdomen. And yet, her hips are round and wide without looking chunky. Her breasts stick out prominently from her small frame, perky and firm, like little pumpkins.

We get in the shower. She closes her eyes and leans her head back, wetting her hair. Now she is looking up at me, her hair plastered down, her big eyes glowing, water dripping from her supple lips.

She hugs me. Tightly.

OK, she's getting a little clingy now. I wasn't gone for a month, you know!

"Baby, I love you, I love you soooooo much. I missed you..."

"I know. I missed you too."

"No you didn't."

"Yeah, I did!" Except for the times I was hitting on every girl from 18 to 38. And fucking that Latina chick.


"Why did I miss you? Because, baby! I LIKE being with you. You know that! I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be with than you."

She pulls away and looks at me, smiling. "REALLY?"

"Lila!! Of course! Who can ask for more than you have to offer? You are amazing! In every way. Please just give me time, ok. I want to be the type of guy that you deserve, I just..."

"It's ok," she says, hugging me again. Jesus! "I didn't mean to pressure you. I'm just so happy you are back."

Ok, Ok. Can we fuck now?

She turns around so her back is pressed against me. She picks up her leg and rests it on the shower ledge. She reaches between her legs and rubs me a little. TOTALLY unnecessary. I am raging.

She guides me into her. "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moans. I start to slide myself in and out. She is noticeably hot down there.

I grab her hips and she bends over a little. PERFECT. Lila and I fit in every way sexually. Our heights are perfect for standing-up sex. And I am not huge at all, but just big enough to fill her without hurting...

She flips her hair over one shoulder, turns around and looks at me. She puts some soap on her hand and starts fingering herself. Holy shit.....

I hear her exhale. She is about to come. She grabs my wrist and squeezes hard. "uh. Uh...AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" she moans. She is pulsating like mad.

I look down and watch my cock sliding in and out of her, wet and slimy...I pull her hips up against me tightly and blow my full load into her. Her pussy is so hot that it's almost hard to stay inside her.

After sex like that, I can't just take her home, can I? So after we dry off, I lay down on the bed, and she sits on the floor in front of me, brushing her hair, and we finish watching the movie. It's almost 3:00 now.

I drop her off at the 7-11 ("I love you! Will you please call me tomorrow morning?" she says) and I watch as she crosses the parking lot and climbs into her bedroom window.

Now, time for a blissful 2 1/2 hours of sleep before I have to wake up again.