Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ramifications and repercussions

Lila is messaging me on my BlackBerry. She wants to go "clothes shopping" for new work clothes for the summer. She is "really excited" about the promotion and "really appreciates" my helping her. Oh ya, I helped all right.

You know, come to think of it, helping her buy clothes might not be a bad thing. How often does one have input over what a chick wears?

But where are we going to do this shopping? I sure as shit am not going to show up at the mall with her, so all my co-workers can see us canoodling over Orange Julius's and Auntie Annie's pretzels.

There is going to be a major blowup if she even thinks about "outing" us as a couple. I will dump her on the spot. I am close to doing it anyway. I might even do it now, since I am starting to feel suffocated, but at this point, I have to tread lightly since she works for me. This is the part I HATE about dating someone at work: You can't just kick 'em to the curb when you want to. God dammit!!

I am going to try to go easy on her though, cause I don't think she's doing it intentionally. Hopefully, she will get with the program and be happy with things as they are. We shall see.

I suppose I should try to be happy for her. She tries really hard at work and she does do a good job for us. She is very excited about the opportunity; maybe she could make a career out of it. Who knows? I think she'd be a good executive assistant...for someone else, though. ;-) She's very organized and thorough. And she does a good job of being discreet.

The last time I took her on a "date" was in Feb. or March. I drove her an hour out of the way, to a dark little bistro in the middle of nowhere. They served her wine, too, so it musta been REAL dark. Although, she says waiters serve her all the time. Waitresses do not. Gee, wonder why that is??

She wore a long black dress, put her hair up, got a french manicure, the whole bit. I mean, this was a big deal for her. Every single head in that fucking place turned. She looked like she belonged on a red carpet somewhere...

We stayed at a four-star hotel that night ($300 a night). I gave the clerk a $50 and he hooked me up with a room with a hot tub.
That was the first night she let me fuck her in the ass. And let me tell you - "mind-blowing" doesn't do it justice. She has one of these asses that is perfectly round, soft and unspoiled. It's like two giant scoops of vanilla ice cream. Doesn't taste like it though - I checked.

There is an art to ass-fucking. You have to be patient. Especially, when it's her first time. If you watch porn, those guys all use spit to lube it up. Well, that's fine if the chick is used to sticking baseball bats up there, like most of those porn girls do. But for regular girls, you have to use KY or Astroglide. And just lube the hell out of the whole area, including your Johnson.

What I like to do is, get the head in there, pull it almost all the way out, then back in, just the head again. Then out, then in again, over and over, until you feel a little less resistance. Then you can pull the head all the way out, then put it back in, a little deeper now, then all the way out, then all the way in again. All of a sudden, you are ball-deep in asshole, and by then, she ought to be coming like crazy up front, or getting ready to.

Lila is just instinctively good in bed. She had never been ass-fucked, but she knew just how to lay down for me, flat on her stomach, ass lifted in the air. She just knew it; either that, or she's been watching a lot of pornos ;-). Watching a girl's backside wiggling while you fuck her is something that a man doesn't forget easily, I tell you.

I'm not like these rappers who like big, fat, cellulite-ridden asses, but I do like just a hint of a little jiggle - and I prefer them round and soft versus flat and hard. Britney Spears, for example, has the most incredible ass EVER. That Rolling Stone cover of her in the white panties? OH yeah.

How the hell did I get on this? Oh yeah, my date with Lila.

The next morning, she had me call her in absent to school - as her FATHER. YUCK!!!!!!! "Hello, this is Lila's dad calling. And since I fucked her till she was bow-legged last night, she's in NOOO condition to be playing tetherball in gym class today."

Anyway, it might be time for another date's not like I don't get anything out of it...

I spoke to HR and had them date Lila's job offer as July 1. I told her this was best, so she would have two weeks of "summer" before she had to work every day. And I can savor my last fortnight of freedom.

Told Ross I "talked her into it"; he said, "great job - you're my man!"

Major plumbing work underway at home now. Gotta get home and work on it. Hope I don't have to take a shit!!!