Friday, June 18, 2004

A heartwarming, passionate, loving, quickie

Lila has been on her medication for over 24 hours and is feeling just fine, now. She came back to work yesterday.

She keeps telling me how much she is going to miss me when I go on the road ....and we all know what missing the Steverino is going to translate into, don't we?

At work, Lila tells me that there is a senior party that night, and that all of her friends are going to be at some kid's house. She figures I can show up, take her home, screw her silly, then bring her back to the party. Clever, isn't she? I tell you, Lila and I are like a sexual Bonnie and Clyde, always one step ahead of the "law".

So I show up at the agreed-upon time and place, and there is Lila. She is wearing these 3/4 length jeans and extra-thick-soled sneakers with no socks (Wu-huu! Naked ankles!)

She jumps in; we take off. She is giddy, telling me all about what her friends' plans for the summer are.

"How about you? What are your plans?"

"Riding in BMW's with hot guys."


"I'll spend PART of it with you. As much as possible."

"And then?"

"And then college. I'm going to Central next year, I decided. I can keep working with you, if you want me to."

"Of course I want you to."

"You didn't want me to take that job, did you? The full-time position?"


"You were so funny," she says. "Telling me about some file merge project so I wouldn't want to take the job. You are not as slick as you think you are."

Busted! AGAIN! Is Steve losing his mojo??

"No, it's just that you are getting too smart for me," I say.

"So you admit you didn't want me to take it! You thought I would SUFFOCATE you! Right?"

Damn, this girl IS good!

"You can suffocate me any time you want. As long as it's with your boobs."


"Lila, I'm happy you took it. OK? Is that what you want to hear?"

"Is it true?"


"Then I believe you," she says. "Will you just do me a favor?"


"If you ever stop being a commitment-phobe, will you tell me, so I know?"


We are passing an office building. "Stop here! Stop here!" she says. I pull into the lot.

"What is it," I ask.

"We haven't done it in the car in awhile," she says.

Turns out my brother used to work in this office building years ago. I think he was with the phone company at the time.

"What's he doing now?" Lila asks.

I tell her that he's working for a high-speed internet company.

"Is your dad still working at that factory?"


"Does he like it? It must be hard working those late hours. And I bet it sucked only having your mom home, since she was drinking so much."

"Yeah, mom was a hoot, I tell you. When she was there at all."

"You mean she left you alone in the house?!"

"I wasn't a 5-year old kid! You know, we were old enough to take care of ourselves until Dad would get back from work."

"So she just LEFT the house every day? Where did she go?"

"Dunno. Drinking at friend's houses, maybe?"

"Can I ask you a question?"


"Why don't you ever show any emotion?"

"I show emotion."

"No you don't. ESPECIALLY at work. Remember that time we had some guy on speaker phone, and he was yelling at you, and you put him on mute and smiled at me, and said, 'so how was your weekend', or something like that, while he was still yelling?"

"Hahahahah. Oh yeah, I forgot about that."

"You never get upset at anything. You are talking about your mom, and you aren't even getting upset. You should be crying right now."

"It was a long time ago. And crying doesn't solve anything. Getting upset doesn't solve anything. You remember when I was telling you about that time that Paulie came to visit me, and we were putting ceilings up?"

"And you almost killed each other?"

"Yeah! He kept yelling and yelling, and I yelled back. And when we finally stopped yelling and opened a couple of beers, we figured out the problem. AFTER we calmed down. When we were upset, we weren't getting anywhere."

"So the faster you calm down..." she says.

"The faster you can solve it." I say.

"You are so smart," she says. "I wish I was smart like you."

"You ARE smart."

"Not like you."

"I like talking to you about things. You are funny, and you have good opinions," I say. "And you are a really good worker. I believe you can be really successful in the business."

"ME? Really?"


"You know what? You are soo sweet when you want to be," she says. She kisses me.

Her phone rings. We have been talking for 10 minutes. Didn't we come here to screw?

Lila talks for a few minutes, then hangs up. She doesn't look happy.

"Mike got arrested. His brother has to take everyone home so he can go bail Mike out. I have to be back at the party in 10 minutes."


"How 'bout 15," I say.

She smiles. She pulls her jeans down. She is straddling me; her thighs are right in front of my face, firm and ripe. She is wearing a black thong. This girl gets an "A" for underwear!

"Are you ready for your surprise?" she says.


She pulls her thong off. Her pubic hair has been shaved into a letter "S"!

"Holy shit!!" I say. "You did that for me?"

"Yeah! It hurt like HELL!" she says.

"Baby!! For ME?"

"I wanted to. I'm gonna miss you, baby."

There is a quick way to get me off, and Lila knows it well. She sits on my lap with her back to me and I enter her; then she reaches down and strokes my cock while she rides me. Doing it that way drives me nuts, because I can watch it going in and out of her..

She kisses me and lowers herself down, facing me. OK, wonder if this works when I can't see her tight little ass bouncing up and down.

She starts to slide up and down on my stick, and then, sure enough, she reaches down to stroke me. I close my eyes and concentrate fully on her tightness, her wetness; her mouth on mine; the wet, squishy sound of our sex. I relax and let the climax come.

I actually come harder than I thought I would. I am shaking!

"I'm gonna miss you," she says, smoothing her long hair behind her right ear.

"Me too," I say. And you know what? I MEAN it.

"I love you," she coos in my ear. She is a like a drug dealer, hooking me on her wares. And I know it's potentially disastrous, but part of me likes the idea that she can inhabit me, devour me from the inside out...

Suddenly I am thinking Paulie was not so crazy after all when he told me I loved her.